Rail Terminal Services

RSI Logistics’ bulk terminal services provide a vital link in your supply chain, allowing you to reach locations that are not directly served by rail.

Our Rail Terminals

We operate dozens of facilities nationwide that manage products ranging from bulk food to hazardous chemicals — efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. The commitment to anticipating and meeting the requirements of our customers has made us a leader in the industry for over three decades. Our terminals are staffed by professionals who take pride in “doing it right the first time, every time.”

Our rail terminals operate throughout the U.S. These convenient locations can make shipping through and between major cities easy and cost-effective. We provide transloading services at critical terminals to ship between central coastal locations and nearly anywhere across the continent. We provide transloading services to give shippers access to rail terminals, even when direct rail access isn’t available. We also provide warehouse services at rail terminals, and operational assistance to optimize your shipping process.

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We manage over 20 terminals that handle products ranging from bulk food to hazardous chemicals — efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

Bulk Terminal Services

Rail Transloading Services

Rail transportation is typically the most efficient and safest mode for moving large quantities of bulk commodities long distances. However, not all shippers and receivers have direct rail service. The solution — truck to rail transloading. This gives shippers and receivers access to rail transportation for long haul movements combined with local truck delivery.

RSI operates dozens of rail transload terminals that handle a variety of commodities including dry, liquid, hazardous, and food grade.

Our transload services can be tailored to your needs. Request Information to learn more.

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Warehousing Services

RSI operates 4 warehouses providing inside storage, cross docking, and inventory management services.

Most of our warehouses have both truck and rail access. Warehouses are located in:

View our interactive map to see locations and specific information for each facility.

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Marine Terminal Services

RSI operates a marine terminal at Georgetown, South Carolina. The port is located just north of the city of Charleston.

In addition to ship loading/unloading, the facility provides rail and truck transloading, warehousing, outdoor storage, and direct rail service.

Georgetown handles both bulk commodities and container services.

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Lumber Reload

RSI manages rail terminals throughout the country that handle a wide range of products – efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Among the commodities we handle, lumber and forest products are moved through several of our terminals. The following locations are able to handle your lumber products: Buffalo and Lackawanna, New York, Baltimore, Maryland, Chesapeake, Virginia, Georgetown, South Carolina, Jacksonville, Florida, and Somerset, Kentucky.

When the cost and service quality of your rail transportation is important to your business, we have the products and services to give you a competitive edge.

Our terminals are staffed by professionals who take pride in “doing it right the first time, every time”.

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About Our Rail Terminal Services

RSI is an independent operator of bulk rail facilities for railroads and private companies. We partner with Class I and regional lines to deliver supply chain solutions that provide efficiencies and savings to our customers.

RSI has over three decades of experience handling a broad range of bulk commodities including hazardous, non-hazardous, and food grade.

We also assist with the design and implementation of new terminals, particularly those requiring fast startup and relatively low capital expenditure.

By combining our Operations and Rail Logistics Services, we can provide a turnkey end-to-end rail transportation solution.

Rail Route Planning

If your current logistics plans have become excessively expensive, delayed, or other challenges are making shipping difficult, we can help you find rail alternatives. Our experts can help you find the right terminals to route or reroute your supply chain using transloading, leverage competitive rail routes and avoid captive lanes, and manage your transportation from start to finish. Whether you want to increase your rail shipping operations or you want to start using rail shipping for the first time, we can help. Contact us and let us use our expertise to optimize your shipping operations.

Try the Transloading Map

Rail transloading allows you to take advantage of the efficiency and reliability of rail as well as the speed and versatility of trucking. If your shipping location or destination is not directly serviced by rail, truck to rail transloading can help fill in the gap. Our rail transloading map makes it easy to find the rail transloading terminal and services you need. Use the transloading map to see details on transloading terminals across the country, and find transloading terminals closest to your location and destination.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“RSI’s professionalism and expertise has earned them the lead role in managing our rail transportation program. RSI directly supports our corporate logistics, customer service, and plant operations.”

Rail Transportation Manager
Petroleum Shipper

“We’ve had the pleasure of utilizing RSI’s products and services for nearly 15 years. They’ve taken all of the hassle out of managing our rail transportation and delivered significant savings.”

Agriculture Products Company

“RSI’s terminal services have enabled us to reach new markets and grow our business. Their great support and customer service gives us a competitive edge with our customers.”

Manager Corporate Transportation
Chemical Shipper

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Whether you have questions about terminal capabilities, you need a quote for transloading services, or you’re looking to optimize your routes, we’re here to help.