Rail Impact Rail Rate & Traffic Analysis Software

Benchmark your freight rates, find savings opportunities and negotiate with more confidence.

Rail Impact helps your company manage its rail spend.

With a license for our online application, you get unlimited support from our team of experts. Take advantage of our 100+ years of rail pricing experience to discuss long term rate strategy, create management reports comparing your transportation costs to competitors, and prepare for rate negotiations. Rail Impact is the enhanced version of its PC-based predecessor, USRail.desktop.

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How Rail Impact helps rail shippers

Rate Procurement Process

It’s Not Just About the Software.

When you license our software you also get unlimited product support from our team with over 100 years of rail pricing experience (on each side of the table). Whether you want to discuss long term rate strategy ideas, get ready for a presentation to management on your transportation costs versus the competition, or preparing for an important meeting with a rail carrier, take advantage of our insight and experience.

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Rail Routing

Rail Routing

Rail Impact allows you to quickly view routing options and rail mileages. The program knows the serving carriers for each rail station and junction. Enter your origin and destination and Rail Impact will provide the options.

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Carrier Costs & Margins

Understand the Marketplace Like Never Before

What purchasing manager would ever spend significant dollars without understanding a vendor’s costs? Rail Impact includes a proprietary cost model in addition to the government’s Uniform Rail Costing System (URCS). Our cost model is updated with quarterly railroad financial data and it is used by a number of railroads as well as the majority of large rail shippers in the U.S. Knowing the operating cost isn’t critical only for developing rate targets, it’s also a useful tool for estimating rail rates without needing to request and wait for a quote.

Carrier Costs & Margins

Rail Rate Benchmarking

Analyze Your Rates the Same Way Railroad Pricing Managers Do.

Do you know how your rail rates compare to what other shippers are paying? Rail Impact has a large database of sample freight bills from the Surface Transportation Board as well as profitability comparisons generated from railroad data. You should understand how carrier market shares are changing and consider if there are railroad pricing strategies that are influencing those trends.

Rail Rate Benchmarking

Industry Information

Save Time and Reduce Errors

How much time do you spend looking up rail-related information? Do you always know the serving carrier, routing options or the fuel surcharge miles? Rail Impact provides easy access to a tremendous amount of reference information that is organized in one place to make your day more efficient.

Industry Information

Shipper’s Guide to Rail Rates

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Rail Impact is an invaluable tool; we use it every day. It has helped us expand our market opportunities. We quickly developed great confidence in the accuracy of the rail rate estimates. It couldn’t be easier or faster to use.

Supply Chain Manager, Chemical company

The best rail costing tool keeps getting better and the benefits far outweigh the modest cost of the software. We continually use it in our negotiations and to determine our competitiveness in markets in a rapidly changing environment.

Manager of Logistics, Ingredients company

One neat package that has saved us time and money. It puts information from multiple sources at the user’s fingertips, so they can conduct individual lane analysis or high-level market and logistics projects.

Transportation Manager, Specialty Chemical company

Rail Impact Features

View a summary of activity including quick access to webinars and website blogs.

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Rate Dashboard ›

Save details of lanes in a secure database for easy access and analysis.

Your Rate Database icon

Your Rate Database ›

Identify customer stations with the associated serving railroad(s).

Serving Carrier & Switching icon

Serving Carrier & Switching ›

Analyze the individual rail segments of your lanes by railroad.

Rule 11 icon

Rule 11 ›

Understand the railroads costs, and corresponding benchmark rate estimates, for any lane in North America

Rail Costs & Benchmarking icon

Rail Costs & Benchmarking ›

Access government data to determine rate and volume trends for your commodities and view detailed freight bill information.

Market Analysis icon

Market Analysis ›

Obtain needed information quickly including access to railroads’ websites, stations, junctions, and more.

Rail Reference icon

Rail Reference ›

Determine and evaluate alternative routing options between stations.

Routing Guide icon

Routing Guide ›

Obtain railroads’ operating and fuel surcharge miles between stations via alternative routes.

Rail Mileages icon

Rail Mileages ›

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