Marine Terminal & Warehouse – Georgetown, SC

Multimodal East Coast Terminal

The marine and rail terminal and warehouse in Georgetown, SC provides multimodal access for shippers across the country and around the world. This terminal uses a wide array of equipment to safely move goods and commodities to and from railcars, trucks, and freight ships. With a wide open area, experienced staff, warehousing options, and a great location, this terminal on the Southern East Coast makes it easy to find the most convenient and cost-effective shipping options. The cargo port is located only 13 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, making international shipping and transport easier. The marine and rail terminal in Georgetown, SC is also accessible via highway to central commercial hubs, like Charleston, Savannah and Columbia.

Our Georgetown marine facility provides direct vessel, rail, and truck access including:

  • Breakbulk and bulk cargo port only 13 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Covered warehouse for rail and truck loading/unloading.
  • Large laydown area.
  • Equipment for handling and packing intermodal containers.


RSI Leasing, Inc.
1324 Dock Street
Georgetown, SC 29440

Terminal Contact

Jason Miller, Terminal Manager
Office: (843) 225-5507
Cell:  (803) 530-7566

Marine Terminal in Georgetown, SC

The terminal in Georgetown, SC offers unique marine access capabilities to make shipping easier for international goods. This terminal is located only 13 miles from the Atlantic ocean while also providing easy access to rail and trucking. Whether you are shipping goods around the world, receiving materials internationally, or simply seeking alternative shipping routes and ports, this terminal can be a helpful centerpoint. Take a look at the marine terminal specifications to learn more about access and use by ship.

  • Marine Terminal Specifications
  • Current depth: 18-feet
  • Air draft: Unrestricted.
  • Pilot time: 1.5 – 2 hours. Local pilotage is required.
  • Berth: 4 berths totaling 1,800 feet.
  • Water: available at all berths.
  • Tug & Tow: available through McAllister Towing.
  • Mobile Cranes: available for rent

Warehouse and Storage Options

In addition to rail, truck, and marine access at the Georgetown, SC terminal, you can also utilize warehouse and storage facilities. With a large area of covered as well as outdoor storage space, it’s easy to collect, organize, and maintain your goods before, during, or after shipping. These warehouse and storage options help to streamline your logistics, so you don’t have to find an alternative storage site while you’re shipping.

  • Open storage area: 27.9 acres.
  • Indoor warehouse space: 2 buildings totaling 103,000 sf. Rail-served.
  • Other Buildings: 3 sheds totaling 36,800 sf. dome with 2 side buildings.
  • Rail Served: CSX is on-site with siding that accommodates 75 rail cars.
  • Truck Scales: on-site.
  • Customs & border protection services available on-site.

Full-Scale Equipment for All Shipping Needs

With rail, truck, and marine shipping available at the Georgetown, SC terminal, there are many different kinds of goods moving through the terminal regularly. The site is also equipped with a wide range of equipment to accommodate these various goods. From forklifts, cranes, and front-end loaders to conveyors, clamps, and more, containers and goods of all types can be efficiently moved to the appropriate rail car, truck, or ship. Take a look at the equipment available and contact the terminal manager if you have any questions about the equipment or transit capabilities at this terminal.

  • Facility Equipment
  • Mobile belt conveyors
  • Container tippers
  • Tractor tipper
  • Yard trucks
  • Auger systems
  • Front end loader
  • Forklifts – 5,000# to 30,000# capacity
  • Telehandler with 30’ reach
  • Drum clamps
  • Paper roll clamps
  • Bale clamps

Flexible Shipping Option on the Southern East Coast

The multimodal terminal in Georgetown, SC gives you access to ports and harbors anywhere in the world. Shippers can also access fast and affordable ground transportation via the rail network or the nearby highways. The terminal is served by CSX and provides larger access to other rail lines through nearby terminal points. Shippers can also easily access nearby towns or other cities along the coast through highway 701, 17 or connecting roadways.

Marine Terminal & Warehouse

  • Multimodal terminal accessible via ship, rail, and truck


  • (Marine) 4 berths totaling 1,800 feet
  • (Rail) CSX on-site with siding accommodating 75 rail cars

Handling Equipment

  • (Marine Terminal) Breakbulk and bulk cargo port 13 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean
  • 4 berths totaling 1,800 feet
  • Tug & Tow available
  • mobile cranes available for rent

Handling Equipment (rail and truck)

  • truck scales
  • mobile belt conveyors
  • container tippers
  • tractor tipper
  • yard trucks
  • auger systems
  • front end loader
  • forklifts – 5,000# to 30,000# capacity
  • telehandler with 30’ reach
  • drum clamps
  • paper roll clamps
  • bale clamps

Warehouse & Storage

  • 27.9 acres of open storage area
  • 103,000 square feet of indoor warehouse space
  • additional 36,800 square feet covered storage
  • truck scales


  • Customs & border protection services available on-site.

Try the Transloading Map

Utilizing multiple transportation modes can help you avoid high rates in many areas, and craft a logistics plan that works best with your goods, schedule, and budget. However, finding this optimal route can be challenging. Between rail, trucking, and even marine shipping options, there may be hundreds of routes available. We made the transloading map to make it easier to navigate multimodal shipping. The transloading map gives you easy access to essential information about different terminals across North America. Use the transloading map to take a look at different terminals along your routes, and contact us to learn more about route planning and logistics optimization.