Rail Transload – Spartanburg, South Carolina

Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT)

The Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal in Spartanburg, South Carolina is located off Asheville Highway in the northern part of the state. The Spartanburg terminal allows shippers to easily access surrounding cities and commercial centers in the South and East Atlantic Coast. Located within 5 minutes of I-85, I-585, and I-26, this TBT provides shippers the ability to transport numerous types of goods in a convenient and cost-effective manner. Five tracks are served by NS switch crews five days per week, Tuesday through Saturday. One track is bonded and grounded and has spill containment. The facility operates 11 hours per weekday from 7AM to 6PM.

Sales Contact

Terminal Contact

Matt Frey, Director of Terminal Operations
(843) 408-6877

Rail Transloading in Spartanburg

The TBT rail transloading facility in Spartanburg, SC makes it easy to access many different surrounding areas and many different shipping routes. Spartanburg is a key shipping area for goods and commodities leaving, entering, and crossing the American South and East Coast. A variety of shippers, manufacturers, retailers, and many more rely on transloading facilities in this area to get their goods where they need to go. Whether you are shipping to local customers or business partners near these central highways, or you are preparing to ship much farther with the optimal rail route, this rail transloading facility can help.

Ship By Rail or Truck in South Carolina and Beyond

Between rail and truck shipping at the Spartanburg, SC terminal, there are many different kinds of goods moving through the terminal regularly. The site is also equipped with a wide range of equipment to accommodate these various goods. From air compressors, certified truck scales, various containment options, and more, containers and goods of many types can be efficiently moved to the appropriate rail car, truck, or ship. Take a look at the equipment available and contact the terminal manager if you have any questions about the equipment or transit capabilities at this terminal.

Move Commodities with Security and Ease

The Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Terminal in Spartanburg, SC offers safety and security measures to ensure materials are loaded and unloaded in a safe and effective manner. This TBT is equipped with fully secure fencing, an electric gate, proper lighting, and includes an eye wash station and shower for safety measures. The staff at this location are experienced and knowledgeable with all of these types of equipment and a variety of materials and commodities. The terminal’s five tracks are serviced by NS switch crews five days per week. This gives shippers peace of mind when moving through the terminal, and helps to keep schedules on-track.


140 railcar spots

Handling Equipment:

Stationary food grade air compressor, three pump carts, one portable compressor, certified truck scale

Safety and Security:

Eye wash and shower, fully secure fencing, an electric gate and lighting

Operating Hours:

6:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday

Try the Transloading Map

Utilizing multiple transportation modes can help you avoid high rates in many areas, and craft a logistics plan that works best with your goods, schedule, and budget. However, finding this optimal route can be challenging. Between rail, trucking, and even marine shipping options, there may be hundreds of routes available. We made the transloading map to make it easier to navigate multimodal shipping. The transloading map gives you easy access to essential information about different terminals across North America. Use the transloading map to take a look at different terminals along your routes, and contact us to learn more about route planning and logistics optimization.