Clarksville, TN – Memphis Line (RJCM)

R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal

The R.J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Clarksville, TN is a key transloading terminal for shippers in and around Nashville, TN. The Clarksville terminal gives shippers access to alternative rail routes in central shipping and industrial locations, including Nashville, Memphis, Louisville, Bowling Green and more. Utilizing trucking across relatively short routes between the Clarksville terminal and Nashville, Memphis, Louisville and more, shippers can access competitive routes, lower shipping costs, and speed up logistics timelines. The experienced staff managing the R.J. Corman Bulk Terminal near Nashville, TN, can help you move your materials quickly and safely, including lumber, steel, plastics, dry bulk, liquid bulk, and more.


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Rail Shipping To and From Nashville and Surrounding Cities

For shippers seeking rail routes in and out of Nashville, TN, the R.J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Clarksville provides a solution. Only a short drive separates the terminal from industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing centers in Nashville. With small scale trucking services, shippers can access wider routes across the nation through the R.J. Corman Bulk Terminal.

Rail Shipping Across Tennessee and Kentucky

The R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Clarksville, TN provides rail access to central industrial, agricultural and manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and Kentucky. This terminal connects to the Memphis Line (RJCM) with CSX interchange points at Bowling Green and Guthrie. Additional cities served along this line include Bowling Green, Guthrie, Lewisburg, Russellville, South Union, Clarksville, and Cumberland City. In addition, highway routes provide transloading capabilities to and from Nashville, Hopkinsville, and surrounding areas. With access to key logistics centers across the south and Appalachia, the R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal allows shippers to access multiple rail lines and alternative shipping routes.

Services Provided at the R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal near Nashville, TN

The services provided at the R.J. Corman Bulk Terminal makes it easy to ship a wide variety of materials, including dry bulk commodities, lumber and paper products, plastics, chemicals, petroleum products and more. The terminal is fenced to protect the materials shipped and provides 24-hour access for staff.

Commodities Handled:

Lumber, steel, building products, plastics, dry bulk, liquid bulk

Handling Equipment:

Weighing capabilities

Safety and Security:

Fenced, 24-hour access

Operating Hours:

7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday


wheat flour, cane sugar, beet sugar, rum, gin, whiskies, soybean oil, hulls, foots, lumber products, pulpboard, fiberboard, corrugated, hydrochloric acid, Plastics, petrolatum, petroleum condensate, petroleum naphtha, distillates, wax, Limestone, roofing granules

Try the Transloading Map

If you are interested in exploring alternative shipping routes in and around Nashville and surrounding areas of the South and lower Midwest, take a look at our transloading map. The transloading map gives you detailed information about transloading terminals, interchange points, rail routes, commodities served, and much more. Use the map to plot alternative routes, gain access to competitive lanes, and circumvent logistics challenges.