Diboll, TX – Texas Line (RJCD)

R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal

The R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Diboll, TX gives shippers flexible access to rail and truck shipping in Eastern Texas. Located on a 13 mile track with interchange points on larger railroads, as well as access to U.S. Route 59 between Texarkana and Laredo, this transload terminal allows shippers to plan more diverse routes and take advantage of cost- and time-savings from intermodal rail and truck shipping. Located near Lufkin, TX with proximity to the Louisiana border, this transload facility is useful for shippers of many different commodities and working across many different routes.


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Transload Terminal in Eastern Texas

Located between Livingston, TX and Lufkin, TX, Diboll gives shippers in Eastern Texas additional shipping options across the state and onward to other areas of the South, Southwest, Midwest and beyond. Located near U.S. Route 59, shippers utilizing rail routes can also ship products easily to larger cities along this route, including Laredo, Houston, Marshall, Texarkana and beyond. Additional transloading terminals in this region can enable shippers to bypass rail routes where they are captive to one rail carrier, and possibly negotiate lower rates. The transloading terminal in Diboll can also give shippers in the area access to more affordable rail routes, and allow them to ship longer distances across the nation in a more cost-effective manner. As gas prices rise, transloading terminals are even more helpful in avoiding long-haul trucking costs.

Services Provided at the R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Near Lufkin, TX

The R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal near Lufkin, TX serves a variety of commodities and utilizes helpful equipment to make transloading safe and efficient. Railcars moving through the area carry many different commodities, including lumber, steel, building products, plastic products, dry bulk, liquid bulk, frac sand, molasses, urea and more. The site is fenced and lighted to keep all assets and cargo secure, with 24 hour access for permitted personnel. Shippers moving cargo to and from rail and trucks can count on quick and reliable loading and unloading for many different types of commodities. If you are seeking affordable shipping options near Lufkin, TX or along U.S. Route 59, this transload terminal may provide the logistics solutions you need. Take a look at the transload terminal map to see more details about this terminal, as well as nearby, interconnected rail terminals and central highways.

Commodities Handled:

Lumber, steel, building products, plastics, dry bulk, liquid bulk

Safety and Security:

Fenced, Lighted, 24-Hour Access

Operating Hours:

7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday

Try the Transloading Map

Transloading services can help logistics professionals plot new routes and utilize varying modes to access the best prices and fastest paths. Transloading can also be complicated to navigate. That’s why we made the transloading map. The transloading map can help you plot out new routes and find the transload terminals across the nation that support your commodities and industries. Take a look at the transloading map to see transloading terminals across Texas, as well as interconnected transload terminals throughout the South, Southwest, Midwest, and everywhere your shipping operations require. Use the transloading map to see more details on this transloading terminal and other interconnecting terminals, rail routes, and highways.