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The Role of Data Analytics in Rail Freight Tracking and Tracing

Effective tracking and tracing of rail freight is essential for seamless transportation operations and cost control. As the rail industry continues to evolve, leveraging data analytics offers rail professionals a new way to improve the quality and efficiency of their tracking processes. This blog explores the role of data analytics in rail freight tracking and

The Inside Track: The Value of Industry Expertise in Rail TMS Development

With the advent of Transportation Management Systems (TMS), businesses have experienced a paradigm shift in managing shipping, distribution, and overall logistics. In the context of rail transport — a specialized mode with unique complexities — the importance of an extensive logistics experience in the development of a TMS cannot be overstated. This article delves deeper

Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility: The Role of Rail Freight Tracking

In the modern landscape where e-commerce and global trade are witnessing exponential growth, effective supply chain visibility has emerged as a crucial factor driving business growth and customer satisfaction. The catalyst igniting this significant shift is the advancement in rail freight tracking—a process meshing technology and logistics to yield clearer, more insightful supply chain visibility.

Preparing for Hurricane Season: A Yearly Guide for the Rail Shipping Industry

When it comes to weathering storms, both literally and metaphorically, the rail shipping industry encounters unique challenges. 2023’s hurricane season, as vendors and logistics professionals know, is a critical period. With potential damage to infrastructure, the disruption of conventional supply channels, and the financial setbacks that come with it all, preparedness is an absolute necessity.

Iron Rails and Digital Challenges: The Transformation of Rail Freight Tracking Over the Years

The rapidly evolving landscape of rail freight tracking technology has seen several monumental breakthroughs over time, utterly reinventing the way operations are managed and optimized. This article provides an in-depth analysis and a chronicle of the industry’s transformative journey – from its humble beginnings with manual tracking processes, to the contemporary era of data-driven, real-time

Boosting Your Bottom Line: Six Benefits of Bulk Transloading

From cost efficiency and time savings to flexibility, improved accessibility, warehousing benefits, and environmental sustainability, let’s delve into the reasons why bulk transloading has become an essential component of modern supply chain management. But first, what is bulk transloading? Transloading is a transportation method that involves the transfer of large quantities of goods or materials

Introduction to Railcars

Rail freight transportation plays a crucial role in the supply chain of North America, allowing goods to travel across vast distances efficiently and cost-effectively. At the heart of this intricate network are various types of rail freight cars, each designed to transport specific types of cargo. Our rail freight experts wrote this blog to showcase

The Value of Rail Data

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, information is a valuable asset. The ability to access, analyze, and utilize data effectively can make a significant difference in the success and growth of companies across various industries. One industry where data can make a huge difference is rail shipping. Rail transportation plays a crucial role

Unlocking the Benefits of Rail Shipping

In today’s global marketplace, efficient and reliable logistics solutions are vital for you to succeed. When it comes to shipping goods over long distances, rail is a method of transportation that offers you several advantages. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of rail shipping and why it remains a top choice for businesses throughout

Ask an Expert – 6 Answers to Your Questions About Rail Logistics

In this blog post, we’ll be answering six common questions that shippers and logistics professionals often ask us about rail transportation. We understand that rail logistics can be a complex and confusing process, which is why we’ve enlisted the help of our experts in the industry to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date

Use the Waybill Sample Data to Grow Your Business

Rail waybills are an important aspect of rail shipping and are typically issued on collection or receipt of the cargo by the rail carrier. This waybill outlines instructions and details related to the shipment, such as the consignor names, destination, route, and more. Each year, the railroads supply a sample of their waybill information to

The Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern Merger: Unveiling a New Era for Rail Shippers

The recent merger between Canadian Pacific Railway (CPRS) and the Kansas City Southern (KCS) has been making headlines, marking a transformative moment in the North American rail industry. This union promises to enhance efficiency, expand service offerings, and generate significant benefits for rail shippers. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of

5 Clichés About Rail Logistics You Should Avoid

Rail logistics is a critical part of the global transportation industry, connecting people and goods across vast distances efficiently and cost-effectively. Despite its importance, there are several clichés about rail logistics that persist in popular conversation. These clichés often have misconceptions about the industry, hindering its progress and potential as well as impacting rail shippers

2022 State of Railcar Repair Shops

Whether you own or lease railcars, eventually your railcars will need to be sent to a shop for cleaning, repairs, or qualification. Taking one railcar out of service can be painful, especially if the railcar is unusable for months at a time. Unfortunately, most shippers do not have a fleet large enough to fill the

Surface Transportation Board and the Union Pacific’s Use of Embargoes

The Surface and Transportation Board (STB) has scheduled a meeting for December 13th and 14th, 2022, to review the Union Pacific’s (UP) “substantial” use of embargoes to reduce rail congestion. At the hearing, Union Pacific will be represented by key management including their CEO, Lance Fritz. Recent Updates on the STB Embargo Meeting As a

7 Rail Shipping Insights to Pay Attention to

As with any industry, data and the knowledge that comes from data is important. Whether the insights you can find are helpful to you directly, as someone involved in rail shipping, or indirectly, as someone looking for information on the transportation industry, that knowledge can come in handy. But with so much information out there,