Smart railcar management software.

Track shipments in one place, manage your railcar fleet, automate reporting, and streamline your freight bill accounting.

A Single Railcar Tracking System to Capture and Share all of Your Rail Information

Many rail managers are faced with…

Railcar tracing data on railroad websites and other online sources.

Rail shipment records in a purchase order system or spreadsheets.

Rail rates in railroad websites or spreadsheets.

Equipment maintenance and compliance records in spreadsheets.

Shipping party details scattered in different files.

Freight bill data in the accounting department.

There is a better way!

Rail Command® is your single railcar tracking software for managing all of your rail transportation data: railcar movements, rates, equipment, and freight charges.

How Rail Command® can Help You

Complete Visibility

Instantly View the Location, Status, and ETA for Every Railcar

As a transportation professional you want to know about issues before they become problems. Automated exception reporting of the railcar tracking data makes it easy to identify and troubleshoot jeopardized shipments, thereby enabling you to provide better service to your stakeholders.

Complete visibility into your logistics network

Rate Management

Control Your Rail Rates

Bring discipline and control to your rate management process by tracking contracts, tariffs, and fuel charges. Receive notification of pending rate expirations. Tariff changes and fuel surcharges can be automatically updated.

Insight into your rail rates and notifications about delays and setbacks

Accessorial Charges

Reduce Demurrage and Customer Holding Costs

Rail Command® helps you to control demurrage charges by making it easy to monitor how long railcars have been at a location. The railcar tracking software can automatically calculate demurrage charges and provide invoice ready reports for customers that hold railcars past their allowable days.

Control your demurrage charges by monitoring wait times across your network


Leave the Spreadsheets Behind

Identify opportunities for improvement – how to improve cycle times and reduce accessorial charges including railroad demurrage with the click of a mouse. Three years or more of your complete historical data is instantly available. Our data visualization tool supports all types of charts, graphs, and mapping in order to provide management with concise information. Eliminate time spent manually creating reports!

Complete railcar tracking data visibility for your entire rail logistics network

Equipment Management

Railcar Leases, Maintenance, and Compliance

Rail Command® is the centralized railcar tracking system to maintain all of your rail logistics information. View cars that need compliance testing in the coming year. Schedule shop work, track maintenance costs, store maintenance records – keeping your fleet operating smoothly is easier when the information on your railcars is well organized.

Manage railcar maintenance schedules and review complete annual reports

Are You Losing Money to Inefficient Rail Transportation Processes?

On average, our customers see a 25% reduction in management efforts. Download the Ultimate Guide to Railcar Tracking Options for everything you need to know about the options available for making your railcar tracking and reporting painless and effective.

What our customers have to say...

Rail Command® makes it easy for me to communicate ETAs to our customers and stay on top of our fleet. Now we are able to catch little issues before they become major problems.

Using Rail Command®, we are able to make sure that our production facilities are supplied with all the necessary raw materials for continuous production. Rail Command® has been very easy to use and understand which has been ideal for our logistics staff.

We have multiple origin and destination cities that we use to ship many different commodities. Having them all in Rail Command® and automatically kept up to date has given us more time to focus on other strategic issues.

The easiest way to see if our technology can help you is to give it a try. Risk free.

Rail Command® Features

Electronic Bill of Ladings

Order Management

Railcar Tracking & Enhanced ETAs

Automated Exception Logs

Demurrage Reporting

Adhoc Reporting & Data Visualization

Rail Rate Management

Railcar Maintenance

Lease Management

Freight Audit & Payment

Diversion Requests

Integration with Corporate Systems

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