Rail Transload – Petersburg, Virginia

Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT)

The Petersburg TBT is located right off I-95 and provides a variety of opportunities to move your goods across the country. With easy access to Interstate 85, 295, and smaller highways in addition to I-95, it’s easy to find the right trucking routes from this location. You can also easily move your goods over the rails and access rail routes to nearly every corner of the continent. Ports at Norfolk, VA are also nearby, making it possible to ship your goods easily internationally as well.


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Terminal Contact

Matt Frey, Director of Terminal Operations
(843) 408-6877

Rail Transloading in Petersburg, VA

With access to rail, truck, and ship transit routes, the rail transloading facility in Petersburg, VA gives shippers the flexibility to choose the right transportation, quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for local shipping routes to nearby cities, like Richmond, Norfolk, Newport News, and Washington, or smaller cities in between, the facility at Petersburg, VA can give you access to the most efficient and cost-effective routes. You can also move your goods easily to the coast to access international markets and utilize cost-effective coastal transportation.

Easy Rail, Truck and Port Shipping in Petersburg, VA

The rail transload facility in Petersburg, VA is conveniently located near central highways, rail routes, and ports. This access to rail, truck, and overseas shipping provides exceptional logistics opportunities for those seeking alternative transportation modes, new routes, access to new markets, and more. New routes and modes can give you access to more affordable rates, faster routes, help you avoid delays, and give you additional information in logistics negotiations. Use the transloading map below to take a closer look at the rail carriers, highways, and port services available nearby.

Safe, Convenient Transloading for Many Commodities

The Norfolk Southern TBT terminal in Petersburg, VA has the equipment and expertise to safely and securely move many different types of commodities and materials. The air compressor, blower, truck scale, pump and conveyor make it easy to move dry bulk, liquid bulk, chemicals, and plastics safely. The facility is also lighted, paved, fenced, and uses liquid containment measures to keep materials secure when they’re stationary or being moved. With 75 car spots, there’s plenty of space to move goods to and from rail cars and trucks.

If you’d like to learn more about the transloading terminal at Petersburg, VA, contact the Terminal Manager Linda Casey at (804) 862-8254 or lcasey@rsilogistics.com. Or, you can talk with our leasing sales team to get the details on these and other transload locations.


75 car spots

Commodities Handled:

Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Chemicals: Liquid and Dry, Plastics.

Handling Equipment:

Air Compressor, Blowers, Truck Scale, Pumps, Conveyors

Safety and Security:

Lighted, Paved, and Fenced. Liquid containment

Operating Hours:

7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday

Try the Transloading Map

Finding the right transloading terminal can be a challenge. It’s important to find the right location, and also find a facility that has the equipment that you need to safely move your goods and commodities. We built the transloading map to make this process easier. Use the transloading map to take a closer look at transloading terminals across the country, and find the facilities that work best with your current or evolving logistics plan. These facilities can help you move materials flexibly, and give you access to alternative routes and rates.

You can access the map right now to get details on transload services and facilities. Or, if you’d like to talk with a logistics expert to learn more about transloading and optimizing your national or international shipping, contact us. The shipping experts at RSI will put decades of expertise behind your shipping plan, and help you overcome obstacles and optimize your routes.