Rail Transload – Augusta, GA

Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT)

The Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT) in Augusta, GA is an optimal transloading location for shippers seeking alternative routes throughout the American South. This transload terminal in Augusta, GA, provides access to a variety of critical shipping locations, including Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, and Charlotte. This terminal can help you route or reroute national or international shipments from a variety of locations, including items received at coastal locations or items manufactured or assembled further inland at major manufacturing facilities. If you are interested in alternative shipping routes using transload facilities, or you are curious about comparing costs and timelines using different routes, our experts can help.


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Augusta, GA 30903

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Terminal Contact

Matt Frey, Director of Terminal Operations
(843) 408-6877

Transloading Services in Augusta, GA

With easy access to central highways and additional rail routes, the transloading terminal in Augusta, GA enables shippers to find alternative shipping routes near large manufacturing and raw material processing hubs like Atlanta, GA, Columbia, SC, and Charlotte, NC. For businesses who are shipping or receiving goods from ports in Savannah, GA or Charleston, SC, the Augusta Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT) may provide additional shipping options across the South. This can be especially helpful for shippers who are seeking alternative options for captive lanes.

Rail, Truck, and Intermodal Shipping Access

Transloading terminals provide access to intermodal shipping, allowing shippers to create more diverse shipping routes and explore other options. For shippers who have primarily used trucking between major cities like Columbia and Atlanta, the transloading terminal in Augusta, GA can give you access to critical rail lines. These rail lines can then allow you to move commodities and items of all types across the country. Or, if you are primarily using rail shipping in this area, transloading with trucking across shorter distances can give you access to additional rail routes. This can be especially helpful for shippers in ports like Charleston and Savannah. Using short-haul trucking to the transload facility in Augusta, GA, you can gain access to new rail routes and, in some cases, better rates.

Safe, Secure, Reliable Transloading in Augusta, GA

The Norfolk Southern TBT terminal in Augusta, GA has the equipment, space, and experienced staff members to help shippers working with a variety of commodities and materials. This transload facility primarily serves aggregates, dry bulk, liquid bulk, and food grade shipments. A scale, lay down area, and a secure, fenced facility make it easy to transfer your shipments as needed and keep them secure.

If you have questions about the equipment, commodities served, or transloading services at the Augusta, GA terminal, contact Terminal Manager Matt Foster at (706) 434-0358 or mfoster@rsilogistics.com. If you have questions about transloading services in general or you’re wondering how to improve your shipping operations utilizing transloading, contact the shipping experts at RSI.


60 car spots

Commodities Handled:

Aggregates, Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Food Grade

Handling Equipment:

Scale, Lay Down Area

Safety and Security:

Lighted, Heated, and Fenced

Operating Hours:

7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Monday through Friday

Try the Transloading Map

Transloading services allow shippers to take advantage of multiple shipping options, routes, and types, in order to negotiate better rates, avoid delays, and optimize their routes overall. We created the transloading map to make it easier for logistics professionals to visualize and plan new routes, and see the options available to them. The transloading map shows a wide variety of rail terminals across North America, and gives you the information you need to plot new routes or bring new data to the negotiation table. You can see more information on the Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal in Augusta, GA, and take a look at nearby terminals that will best suit your commodities and customers.

If you’d like to learn more about transloading and how you may be able to take advantage of lower costs and better rates using diverse shipping modes, we can help. Our experts will assess your goals and needs, and help you find new shipping options. To learn more about transloading services with our experts, contact us.