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R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal

The R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Conway, SC provides access to ports in the southeast as well as affordable rail transit inland. This terminal serves a number of key manufacturing, industrial, and shipping locations, including Chadbourn, Clarendon, Fair Bluff, Tabor City, Whiteville, Conway, Homewood, Loris, Myrtle Beach, Mullins, and Nichols. Shipping primarily industrial, construction, and chemical compounds, this transloading terminal provides alternative routes and shipping options for many manufacturers, mining operations, and more in the surrounding area.


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Conway, SC 29526

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Convenient Rail Terminals Near Wilmington, NC

The transloading terminal in Conway, SC provides transloading options to key locations across North Carolina and South Carolina. For shippers operating in ports in Wilmington, NC and nearby areas, this transloading rail terminal makes it easy to combine trucking and rail routes. The interchange in Mullins, SC provides access to additional rail routes across the region, including to major cities such as Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh, and more.

Rail Shipping Across the South

Rail shipping provides safe, affordable and reliable transportation for many different goods. If you are working in ports in the Southeast region and you are shipping to cities in the Southern U.S. states, the Conway terminal can help you map out the best route. The 103 mile track running through various shipping locations across North Carolina and South Carolina gives you access to many businesses and many shipping options. When planning your rail route across the South or through Southeast ports, consider the R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Conway, SC.

Services Provided at the R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Conway, SC

The R.J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Conway, SC provides safe and secure shipping for a variety of industrial, chemical, and mining products and commodities. The list of materials below shows a selection of the items moving through the transloading terminal. Asphalted unloading and a lay down area makes it easy to safely and securely load and unload challenging materials. To learn more about the services available and commodities served at the transloading terminal in Conway, SC, contact Adam Boyles adn (859) 881-6898. To learn more about using this terminal to ship to Charlotte, Columbia, Raleigh and surrounding areas by rail, contact the shipping experts at RSI.

Commodities Handled:

Lumber, steel, building products, plastics, dry bulk

Handling Equipment:

Asphalted unloading, laydown area

Safety and Security:

Fenced, 24-hour access

Operating Hours:

7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday


Lumber products, Caustic soda, Soda ash, sodium sesquicarbonate, sodium sulfate, carbonic acid, methyl diisocyanate, Ethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol, sulfuric acid, Plastics, combustible, flammable compounds, antifreeze, chemical NEC, fuel oil, litumen, vacuum distillate, portland, hydraulic cement, limestone, roofing granules, scrap paper

Try the Transloading Map

The transloading map makes it easy to plot your route and explore alternatives using transloading terminals across the U.S. Take a look at the transloading map to see the commodities served at each location, and additional details about transloading terminals and other critical rail transit points. For those struggling with high rates on captive lanes, transloading terminals can provide you with additional shipping options. If your rates are too high or you’ve encountered other logistics issues and you would like to explore additional rail routes through transloading, we can help. Use the transloading map to see details on transloading terminals across the South, East Coast, Midwest, and beyond. To talk with a rail transloading expert, contact us.

RSI Transloading Map