Our Leadership

Executive Team

Bob Tuchek

President of RSI Logistics

Bob Tuchek is the President of RSI Logistics. Bob has been directly involved in all aspects of rail transportation for over 30 years. In that time, he has acquired experience in lease negotiation, railcar fleet management, railcar maintenance management, transload facilities development and operations, rail logistics analysis and planning, rate negotiation and management, and facility development. His driving passion is logistics, client relationships, and the direction of RSI’s rail-centric technology solutions.

Bob began his career in rail as an Account Executive at Consolidated Rail Corporation and joined RSI’s predecessor Rail Services, Inc. in 1987, first as a Marketing Manager, and eventually serving as Vice President. In 2001 he acquired RSI and has led the company as its President since.

Randal Beckhorn

Director of IT

Randal Beckhorn has over 20 years of experience working in the web software development field. During his career, Randal has been the project lead on software development initiatives for Fortune 500 companies including Ford, General Motors, and Pepsi. For RSI Logistics, Randal leads a service organization that is SSAE18 SOC2 compliant and takes pride in the defined Business Processes and IT controls that RSI has in place.

As Director of IT for RSI Logistics, Randal collaborates directly with clients to create customized tools that allow access to key data points that impact innovation and profitability. When challenges are presented, he provides tactical solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

Matthew Frey

Director of Terminal Operations

Matt Frey

Matt Frey is responsible for the administration of RSI Leasing, including operational, commercial, and financial responsibilities. He provides strategic management and operational planning for RSI terminals. During his four years with RSI, Matt has led programs for warehousing, transportation, packaging, supply chain, export & bulk transloading.

He brings with him over 30 years of successful experience in operations and sales as C.E.O. of Crossglobe Express LLC and Vice President of Operations at Bentley World Packaging Ltd. Matt has an entrepreneurial personality, is passion driven, and has a clear and detailed understanding of business management and development.

Kym Hess

Director of Human Resources

Kym Hess has been a champion for talent leadership and development for over 20 years, making her a perfect choice for RSI Logistics’ Director of Human Resources. Her passion for human resources was ignited while pioneering the development of human resource practices at Snelling Personnel Services, and from there she has gone on to spend ten years as a human resource consultant, followed by nine years as a Human Resources Director at a leading public accounting firm before joining RSI Logistics.

Kym is a strategic, big-picture thinker with an understanding of organizational culture and branding, with an emphasis on talent management, policy development, supervisor training and coaching, and organizational operations.

Adam Anderson

Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development at RSI Logistics, Adam Anderson oversees the efforts of sales, marketing, and client relationships. Adam applies his experience in the rail transportation industry to craft creative solutions that are tailored to challenges. His unique career path and education allow him to fully understand problems and realize that no single approach is right for every issue.

With more than 10 years of rail industry and RSI Logistics experience, Adam’s passion for leading teams, executing projects, and continuous improvement efforts foster meaningful, long-lasting relationships with customers.

Gail Carlson

Director of Customer Service

Through her commitment to the role of Director of Client Service, Gail Carlson has helped RSI Logistics improve strategic relationships with clients, railroads, and other vendors. Gail has developed a culture of honesty and open communication that has resulted in low client turnover and long-term client relationships. She also keeps up with the ever-changing rail industry while offering robust solutions to fit each client’s needs.

Prior to her current role at RSI Logistics, Gail worked at The Dow Chemical Company, in corporate logistics and purchasing, which allowed her to apply her shipping perspective and knowledge to RSI Logistics when she joined the company in 1998.

Peter Mattarella-Micke

Director of B2B Integration

Peter Mattarella-Micke is the Director of B2B Integration at RSI Logistics where he is responsible for planning and implementing business solutions with RSI’s customers, carriers, and service providers. On a mission to maintain RSI’s industry leadership, he is focused on working with RSI’s customers and industry partners to improve existing business solutions and identify new opportunities.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Michigan State University and prior to taking on his role at RSI Logistics, Peter gained experience as the Senior Systems Analyst at the Michigan Public Health Institute. He has been with RSI Logistics for over eight years serving initially as the Manager of B2B Integration until transitioning to become the Director of B2B Integration.

Scott McClure

Director of Finance

Scott McClure is the Director of Finance at RSI Logistics where he oversees all daily, weekly, and monthly financial functions related to the RSI group of companies, leading to financial statement issuance and coordination of tax strategies with advisors. Before joining RSI Logistics, Scott was the Director of Finance at Precision Motor Transport Group, and previously a Controller at Vistar.

Scott has a diverse background in accounting, finance, traditional and self-funded benefit administration, and both traditional and non-traditional property & casualty insurance programs. His expertise and commitment in financing have allowed him to lead teams in retirement plan administration and regulatory compliance, treasury management duties and cash flow projections, budgeting and forecasting, and financing and bank relationships.