Bulk Liquid Transportation

Door-to-door service of bulk liquid ISO Tank containers.

What is an ISO tank?

An ISO tank is a container that is built to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) stands and designed to carry hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquids.

ISO tanks offer a safe, reliable, and cost-effective transportation package for moving bulk liquids around the world. Easier to handle, more robust, and safer than drums, totes, and flexibags.

ISO Tanks are ideal for:

A lower cost intermodal solution to replace long haul truck movements and reduce your carbon footprint.

Combat capacity restraints in the truck tank market.

Intermodal solutions that include marine shipping.

When maintaining high purity is an issue (tanks move from manufacturer to customer without any transfers).

When storage is required — ISO tanks can be stacked and they are much less expensive to keep onsite than tanker trucks.

ISO Tank Management Services

RSI offers door-to-door services for transporting bulk liquids in North America. We coordinate each segment through a network of rail carriers, motor carriers, terminal operators, cleaning, and repair facilities.

Our team of logistics professionals will evaluate your requirements and develop a solution to help your organization lower costs and meet delivery schedules. Through managing all segments of the intermodal shipment, RSI is able to control various activities from just-in-time delivery requirements to establishing unique pickup and delivery schedules. Whether we supply your containers, or they are privately supplied, we provide daily status updates and will minimize your accessorial charges and other expenses.

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