Lebanon, TN

R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal

The R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Lebanon, TN is ideal for transloading near Nashville, TN. Shippers seeking alternative routes near Nashville, TN can utilize the Lebanon terminal for a variety of commodities and products. This terminal provides access to a number of manufacturers, suppliers, and shippers throughout the south and Appalachian regions. Whether you are working with businesses in the greater Nashville area or you are utilizing transloading services and alternative rail routes, the Lebanon, TN terminal can help optimize your rail logistics.


Nashville & Eastern Railroad
514 Knoxville Avenue
Lebanon, TN 37087

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Convenient Rail Terminals Near Nashville, TN

The Lebanon, TN bulk terminal provides a critical transloading point for shippers seeking rail transit in and out of Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas. The Eastern Line extends 145 miles and serves multiple cities in addition to Nashville, including Algood, Brush Creek, Baxter, Cookeville, Gordonsville, Hermitage, Lebanon, Monterey, Mt Juliet, Old Hickory, and Watertown.

Rail Shipping Across the Appalachian Region

Lebanon and Nashville, TN provide central shipping locations to many landlocked regions in the U.S. The Lebanon, TN terminal makes it easy to extend your shipments to other locations in the Appalachian region, as well as the South, Midwest, and lower East Coast. If captive lanes have made it difficult or expensive to ship your goods by rail to these regions, transloading at the Lebanon, TN terminal may help you access additional lanes and lines.

Services Provided at the R. J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Lebanon, TN

The R.J. Corman Bulk Terminal in Lebanon, TN is capable of transporting a range of commodities, including wheat, sugar, alcohol, petro chemicals, limestone, pulp products and more. The experienced staff at the terminal inspect railcars and maintain all equipment carefully to ensure the security of commodities and the safety of all staff members. Take a look at the commodities served below to see if the R.J. Corman Bulk Terminal near Nashville, TN is suitable for your products. If you have questions about the terminal and services provided, contact the shipping experts at RSI.

Commodities Handled:

Handled: Lumber, steel, building products, plastics, dry bulk, liquid bulk

Operating Hours:

7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday


Wheat flour, sugar, rum, gin, whiskies, Lumber products, pulpboard, fiberboard, corrugated pulpboard, hydrochloric acid, Plastics, Petrolatum, petroleum condensate, fuel oil, litumen, vacuum distillate, limestone, roofing granules

Try the Transloading Map

If you are looking for the right rail routes around Nashville, TN or any shipping route in North America, the transloading map can help you utilize alternative options. We made the transloading map to give shippers a comprehensive resource for route planning. The transloading map shows rail routes across the U.S., including transloading terminals and commodities served and each location. This allows you to efficiently plan the most cost-effective route, and navigate around captive lanes and unserved areas using transloading services. Use the transloading map to see details on transloading terminals in and around Nashville, TN, the Midwest, Appalachia, East Coast and beyond.