Yard Management

Need to reduce origin dwell, bottlenecks, and admin time?

Yard Management allows you to monitor railcars from entrance to exit, enabling you to See More. Ship More. Save More.

Visualizing Your Railyard

By creating a digital copy of your railyard, you achieve railcar lifecycle monitoring from arrival to departure, updating status at every juncture. You know when your railcars have arrived, are inspected, cleaned, repaired, loaded, billed out, and depart.

With our advanced system, each stage of your railcars’ journey is meticulously monitored. From arrival to departure, including inspections, cleaning, repairs, loading, and billing, every critical juncture is tracked. This unrivaled visibility ensures you’re informed, optimizing your operations and empowering decision-making.

Enhanced AEI Data Integration

Our platform excels in integrating Automated Equipment Identification (AEI) reader data. We utilize innovative bridge technology, meticulously designed to transpose AEI information into digital data. This seamlessly mirrors the functionality of sensor data.

An aerial view of white silos next to two lines of black rail tank cars.

Automated Train Manifest Data

Our advanced platform seamlessly deciphers your train manifest emails, transforming the information into a usable format. This process significantly reduces the time spent on manual data entry, allowing for more efficient and more accurate entries.

By capturing your train manifest data, our system facilitates accurate accounting for demurrage and late fees. This empowers you to avoid costs and overpayments in the future. We are here to streamline your operations and ensure your financial integrity.

Yard Management Features

Car Flow

Inventory Summary

Regional, Visual, Yard View

Railcar Records

Switch Plan Creation

Sequential Asset Lineup

See Your Railyard Like Never Before