Rail Transload and Warehouse – Somerset, Kentucky

Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT)

The Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT) in Somerset, KY connects a number of transload facilities across Kentucky. This site, and the surrounding transload facilities, connect shippers to a nation-wide rail shipping network, as well as convenient trucking services across central highways. The equipment available at this spacious facility makes it easy to work with many different types of commodities. Close proximity to central rail lines and large shipping centers makes it easy for shippers to transfer goods anywhere in the country, and anywhere in the world. If you are seeking flexible rail and trucking shipping options in Kentucky near Louisville, Lexington, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville, the transload terminal in Somerset, KY may be ideal for you.


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Rail Transloading in Somerset, KY

The Norfolk Southern TBT in Somerset, KY connects a wide range of businesses to flexible shipping options. Businesses in the surrounding towns of Ferguson, Elihu, Burnside, Shopville, Science Hill, Nancy, Mill Springs, Monticello, Pulaski, and many more can take advantage of easy, convenient shipping at this location. This transload facility also provides easy access to larger shipping hubs, including Louisville, Lexington, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville. This transload site is also close to Norfolk Southern’s mainline between Cincinnati, OH/Louisville, KY and Chattanooga, TN. This line connects to rail shipping lines across the South and Midwest, and on to every area of the continent. International shippers can also connect to central ports through these main shipping hubs.

Flexible Shipping Options in Kentucky

Transloading services in Kentucky make it possible to plan your perfect route. You can take advantage of cost-savings and efficiency over longer routes using rail transit, and utilize trucking for last-mile delivery. Or, you can shift your goods between transload facilities and find competitive rail routes with different carriers. The equipment provided at this facility makes it easy to transfer many different types of goods. The transload facility in Somerset, Kentucky also operates with “open access” policies, so it is easy to work with a third-party trucking service that works best for you.

High-Quality Transload Facilities for Many Commodities

The Norfolk Southern transload facility at Somerset, KY provides an array of services to help shippers make transloading and logistics fast and easy. With 72 car spots and neary 79,000 square feet of storage, shippers can easily coordinate their shipments and storage needs. The site also uses a wide array of handling equipment, including an air compressor, steamer, conveyors, pumps, folk lifts, skid steer and lay down area. The staff at this facility are trained to conduct transloads for many different types of materials, and handle each one safely and effectively. The site is completely paved, with a modern, 2-bay, 4,500 square foot truck wash with electronically operated roll up doors, as well as an 11 by 70ft digital truck scale. The site is also fenced and includes a cantilever sliding gate for easy access for trucks. With 24-hour lighting and surveillance, all shipments are stored safely and securely.

If you are interested in utilizing the transload facility in Somerset, KY, we can help. To learn more about the Norfolk Southern TBT or transloading services anywhere in North America, contact us. We can answer your questions and help you find the ideal route for your goods.


72 car spots, 78,750 square foot warehouse (sprinkling system), ground storage, administration building, 34 acre site.

Commodities Handled:

Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Food Grade, Chemicals, Oils, Plastics, Lumber, Steel

Handling Equipment:

Air Compressor, Steaming, Conveyors, Truck Scale, Truck Wash (4500 Sq. Ft), Pumps, Fork Lifts, Skid Steer, Warehouse, Lay Down

Safety and Security:

Lighted, Paved, and Fenced

Operating Hours:

8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday

Try the Transloading Map

If you are interested in exploring alternative shipping routes in and around Nashville and surrounding areas of the South and lower Midwest, take a look at our transloading map. The transloading map gives you detailed information about transloading terminals, interchange points, rail routes, commodities served, and much more. Use the map to plot alternative routes, gain access to competitive lanes, and circumvent logistics challenges.