Rail Transload – Madison, IN

Madison Railroad Transload Facility

RSI Logistics operates this 22-acre transload site located in Madison, IN in collaboration with Madison Railroad. This transload site fills a much-needed gap in logistics services in the area. With fast industrial and commercial growth, business leaders in this area now have access to a reliable transload facility that will take their products across the Midwest, and beyond. Madison Railroad is a shortline railroad operated by the City of Madison Port Authority. With over 44 years of experience, Madison Railroad has continuously modernized its rail operations to provide state-of-the-art logistics in South Indiana. Combined with RSI Logistics’ high level of operational success, the transload terminal in Madison, IN provides a wide range of new logistics opportunities for business owners and logistics professionals.

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Rail Transloading in Madison, IN

The transload terminal owned by Madison Railroad and operated by RSI Logistics provides critical transportation services to South Indiana. This transload terminal allows business owners in Hanover, Bedford, La Grange, Carrollton, Vevay, Scottsburg, Butlerville, Versailles, Eminence, and more to access flexible trucking and rail transportation. This means shippers can save substantially by accessing rail shipping, and using the transloading facility to transfer easily to trucking for last-mile delivery, or transfer to a different facility to access competitive rail routes. The Madison Railroad interchanges with the Class I CSX to provide connection throughout North America.

Madison Railroad and RSI Logistics

Madison Railroad has operated a high-quality, reliable rail line between Madison and North Vernon since 1979. For over 40 years, they have continually adapted to and excelled with modern infrastructure, and supported shippers with exceptional logistics services. Working with RSI Logistics, Madison Railroad has added this transload facility to their list of services and amenities available to customers. RSI Logistics works closely with Madison Railroad to monitor and manage the transload facility, and ensure all customers receive quick, efficient service. Whether you are bringing your shipments to a nearby Midwest locale, or you are shipping goods internationally and seeking the right rail route, Madison Railroad and RSI Logistics can help you get there.

Convenient, Accessible Transloading in South Indiana

Madison, North Vernon, and many towns in South Indiana have grown quickly, as have the needs for reliable shipping. Madison Railroad have served Jefferson and Jennings counties for over 40 years, and grown alongside the businesses in this area. The new transload facility in Madison will bring new shipping opportunities for businesses across South Indiana. Businesses can easily move their goods between trucks and rail shipping, and take advantage of cost savings. Shippers will also have reliable access to larger shipping terminals and business districts in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, and even on to Columbus, Fort Wayne, Chicago, Nashville and Knoxville.

The transload facility includes a 3,400 acre industrial park with 14 miles of additional track. This provides plenty of space for storage, including safe, secure storage for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. The facility is also equipped with a wide array of equipment, including a forklift, air compressor, dust collector, pumps, conveyors, front end loader and lay down area, to manage many different types of commodities.

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60 car spots

Commodities Handled:

Aggregates, Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Plastics, Liquids, Chemicals, Oversized

Handling Equipment:

Forklift, Air Compressor, Dust Collector, Pumps, Conveyors, Lay down Area, Front End Loader

Operating Hours:

Full Service 7AM to 4PM M-F, Self-service 7AM to 4PM Sa-Su


Switching Service, Railcar Storage Available (Haz and Non-Haz)

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