Warehouse Services – Charleston, SC

Cross-Docking, Packing, and Storage Services

The Charleston, South Carolina facility provides a variety of services to clients looking to streamline their supply chain. This facility is strategically located in Charleston, SC, offering easy access to both domestic and international markets through local modes of transportation. This facility is equipped to handle a wide range of commodities and products, and uses a variety of equipment to move commodities safely and securely. With cross-docking, packing, and storage services in Charleston, SC, you’ll have the flexibility to move and store your materials as your schedule requires.

Terminal Contact

Matt Frey, Director of Terminal Operations
(843) 408-6877

Cross-Docking Services in South Carolina

The cross-docking services at the Charleston terminal allow clients to quickly and efficiently transfer products from one truck or rail car to another without the need for long-term storage. Whether you’re moving materials a relatively short distance to a nearby city, or you’re moving goods internationally from the coast, this process helps to save time and money substantially. If you are seeking cross-docking services to reduce handling costs and consolidate shipments, RSI or the staff at the Charleston, SC terminal may be able to help you.

Inventory Management Services

Inventory management is crucial to the success of any logistics operation. The Charleston warehouse provides storage services to help store, organize, and secure many different types of goods. An extensive warehouse space, as well as efficient material handling equipment, makes it easy to keep your materials secure and coordinate your logistics schedule more easily. These inventory management services help clients keep track of their products and ensure that they are in the right place at the right time.

If you’re interested in learning more about the services available at the Charleston warehouse, the team at RSI can help. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help you find the most effective methods to protect and ship your goods.


Cross-docking, packing, storage

Warehouse space:

87,000 sf


Forklifts (5,000# to 30,000# capacity), Telehandler with 30’ reach, drum clamps, paper roll clamps, bale clamps, truck scales (less than a ¼ mile offsite)

Customs and border protection services available.

Try the Transloading Map

Coordinating transloading, cross-docking, storage, and other services can be a challenge. Finding the most cost-effective routes, avoiding captive rail lanes, and negotiating the best prices adds additional challenges. We made the transloading map to make it easier for logistics experts to find the services they need along the optimal routes. Use this map to take a closer look at terminals near your shipping areas and routes you can access. This can help you find ideal routes, alternative routes to use in your price negotiations, or even new routes to serve new clients. Access the transloading map now to learn more, or contact us to optimize your shipping routes with our logistics experts.