Rail Transload – Baltimore, Maryland

Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT)

The Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT) in Baltimore, MD provides critical transloading equipment and services to shippers on the East Coast. Located just west of I-95 and close to central rail shipping routes, this transloading terminal gives East Coast shippers access to more affordable and efficient shipping options with rail or trucking. Using this transloading terminal, shippers can also connect with other important industrial and commercial centers, including Washington, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Trenton, and more.

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Rail Transloading on the East Coast

Numerous East Coast ports play a pivotal role in international imports and exports. When moving these commodities across the coast or around the continent, rail and truck shipping are both important. The rail transloading facility in Baltimore, MD makes it easy to find the ideal route to connect your customers, suppliers or other business partners. Whether you are getting ready to ship internationally, you are moving products the last mile to destinations on the East Coast, or you are receiving goods to move elsewhere, the rail transloading terminal can help give you additional shipping options.

Exploring East Coast Shipping Options

If you’ve found that your shipping operations have recently become more expensive or restrictive, you’re not alone. Many shippers and logistics professionals are looking for alternative routes. Rail transloading facilities can often provide additional shipping options. Transloading facilities allow you to easily and efficiently move your goods between rail cars and semi trucks. This is ideal for last-mile shipping, but it can also be effective in finding additional shipping routes and exploring other options. Whether you are shipping to or from new customers or suppliers, rethinking your shipping routes, or seeking other options, the transload facility in Baltimore, MD may be helpful for you.

Flexible Commodity Shipping in Baltimore and Beyond

The Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT) in Baltimore, MD allows shippers to safely and efficiently move many different commodities between rail cars and semi trucks. This facility uses a variety of equipment to make this process both safe and fast. Experienced operators use air compressors, blowers, vacuum transfer equipment, forklifts, pumps, conveyors and steam equipment to move commodities from one mode to another. Truck scales and truck washes ensure that trucks are ready to go. This facility is ideal for moving dry bulk, liquid bulk, lumber, chemicals, petroleum, and plastics. Warehouse facilities are also available to make coordinating shipping easier and more efficient.

The facility is also fully lighted, paved, and fenced to ensure that all commodities are secure. Liquid containment equipment makes it possible to move liquid chemicals of many types. Safe, secure shipping is at the top of our list of concerns, and our staff takes every precaution necessary to make sure all materials make their way safely onto the truck or rail car, and go forward to their destination.

If you’d like to learn more about transloading facilities in Baltimore, MD or elsewhere in America, contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this site or others.


24 car spots

Commodities Handled:

Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Lumber, Warehousing, Chemicals: Liquid and Dry, Petroleum, Plastics

Handling Equipment:

Air Compressor, Blowers, Vacuum Transfer, Truck Scale, Pumps, Conveyors, Forklifts

Safety and Security:

Lighted, Paved, and Fenced. Liquid containment.

Operating Hours:

7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday

Try the Transloading Map

Transloading can help shippers get their goods to their destinations faster, while also taking advantage of affordable shipping options. Rail and trucking working together on a streamlined route can provide the best of both modes. However, finding the right transloading shipping facilities in the right location can be a challenge. That’s why we made the transloading map. The transloading map puts all of the information you need in one place. Using the transloading map, you can see which transload facilities are available to you across your shipping routes, and what equipment is available at each one. Take a look at the map to see your shipping options, and access important information. If you’d like additional assistance in optimizing your routes, we can help. Contact us to learn more about transloading or route planning.