Rail Transload – Chesapeake, Virginia

Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT)

The Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT) in Chesapeake, VA is conveniently located less than three miles from downtown Norfolk, VA. This transload terminal provides easy access to several central shipping lines, including Interstate I-264 and I-464 at 1305 Atlantic Blvd. The Chesapeake TBT transload terminal also provides close proximity to rail-serving yards on Norfolk Southern’s high-density main line. The specialized facilities at this terminal allow customers to quickly and efficiently transfer many different types of commodities between rail cars and trucks. This not only makes coastal shipping across the east coast easier, but also gives customers additional access to rail shipping and alternative routes.


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Terminal Contact

Terminal Manager: Scott O’Callahan
Office:  757-545-1721
Cell:  757-342-9982
Fax:  757-545-1736

Transloading Services in Chesapeake, VA

Transloading services and easy access to central rail lines and interstate highways gives shippers more logistics options. The TBT transloading terminal in Chesapeake, VA also provides essential access to Norfolk, Newport News, Virginia Beach, and other Coastal Virginia-area markets. This transloading terminal’s location on the east coast also provides essential access to international shipping services across the Atlantic. For shippers seeking convenient access to ports, rail shipping, and trucking, the TBT transloading terminal in Chesapeake, VA provides solutions.

Rail and Bulk Shipping Access Across Virginia

The Norfolk Southern Thoroughbred Bulk Terminal (TBT) in Chesapeake, VA provides easy access to critical ports, rail shipping and trucking routes, as well as a range of services to suit many different commodities and businesses. The central Norfolk Southern rail line and Interstates I-264 and I-464 give shippers access to a wide network across Virginia, and greater access to the entire Southern, East Coast, Appalachian and Midwest regions. Whether you are working with international goods shipped to a Virginia port, you are shipping to or from business partners within the state, or you are shipping across the country, transloading access at this critical point will make your journey easier and more affordable.

Transloading Services and Commodities Served in Chesapeake, VA

The Norfolk Southern TBT terminal in Chesapeake, VA has the space, equipment and experienced staff to handle many different types of bulk commodities. From food-grade dry and liquid bulk to aggregates to chemicals and more, this terminal has a versatile array of equipment and services to work with many types of shippers across many different industries. With 104 total car spots, 40 total acres and seven acres of laydown area, as well as expansion capabilities for lumber, dimensional products and container stuffing, there’s plenty of space for multiple shippers. With a truck scale, air compressors, blowers, pumps, and conveyors on site, it’s easy to quickly and efficiently load and unload all types of commodities and cargo. The staff at the Chesapeake, VA terminal are trained to handle many different bulk commodities safely, and utilize appropriate safety measures and precautions at all times.

If you are interested in utilizing the rail and trucking transloading services at the Norfolk Southern TBT terminal in Chesapeake, VA, or you have questions about the terminal, contact Terminal Manager Scott O’Callahan at 757-545-1721 or send a message to socallahan@rsilogistics.com. If you have questions about transloading services in general and you’re wondering how to improve your shipping operations utilizing transloading, contact the shipping experts at RSI.


140 car spots, unit train capacity, 7 acres of laydown

Commodities Handled:

Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Chemicals: Liquid and Dry, Aggregates, Plastics

Handling Equipment:

Air Compressor, Blowers, Truck Scale, Pumps, Conveyors

Safety and Security:

Lighted, Paved, and Fenced. Liquid Containment.

Operating Hours:

7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday


Spirits, Lumber, Pulpboard, Sodium alkali, Sodium compounds, Alcohols, Inorganic chemicals, Plastics, Chemical compounds, Gas and fuel additives, Antifreeze, Liquefied gasses, coal and petrochemicals,. Cement, Lime, Scrap paper

Try the Transloading Map

Transloading services can help you streamline your shipping operations, save money, and find the most effective routes between your business partners. The transloading map helps you plan these routes easier than ever. You can see specific information on the transloading terminal in Chesapeake, VA, as well as many others across the country. Take a look at the transloading map to learn more about the intermodal options available to you, and access alternative routes and shipping options. If you’d like expert assistance in planning your rail or logistics route, we can help. To talk with a rail transloading expert, contact us.