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  • Fuel Surcharge Rates
  • Railroad Cost Indexes
  • Rate Change
  • Tariff Expiration Calendar
  • Delay Reports
  • Velocity
  • Volume Reports
  • SCRS Directory
  • Short line Railroad Directory
  • Storage Directory
  • Transloading Terminals Directory
  • Fuel History

Have you been frustrated with the lack of straightforward rail data?

We were as well! That’s why we developed Rail Info, to provide uncomplicated insights about the rail industry.

Here’s a breakdown of each data dashboard in Rail Info

Rail Rates

Fuel Surcharge Rates

Mileage and percentage based fuel surcharges as well as fuel trends based on historical data.

Railroad Cost Index

An index formulated to represent changes in railroad costs incurred by the nation’s largest railroads.

Rate Change

Rate changes that showcase the industry’s changes for organization and commodities.

Tariff Expiration Calendar

Rate tariff data organized by expiration, tariff count, carrier, and commodity group.

Railroad Performance

Delay Reports

A collection of reports covering the delays and service interruptions of the Class 1 Railroads. This includes Yard Dwells, Trains Delayed, and Cars Held.


Velocity is the speed of a train from origination to destination, including the amount of time a train dwells in a yard for a crew change, pick-up or set-off of traffic.

Volume Reports

A collection of three reports from the Class 1 Railroads that give a picture of the volume going through the rail industry. These reports are Cars Online, Weekly Carloads, and Weekly Carload Comparison.


SCRS Directory

The SCRS Directory provides and easy-to-use tool for looking up Serving Carrier Reciprocal Switchs.

Short Line Railroad Directory

A detailed index that contains information for Short Line Railroads.

Storage Directory

Map of United States and Canadian carriers with car storage locations.

Transloading Directory

A resource for locating terminals and gathering information about them.

Railroad Financials

Fuel History

A collection of reports covering the delays and service interruptions of the Class 1 Railroads. This includes Yard Dwell, Trains Delayed, and Cars Held.

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