What’s New in OT-57? Everything You Need to Know

You are more than likely familiar with OT-5 application process and the various charges and penalties that many rail shippers have been charged as a result.  The OT-5 application process had some inherent problems including:  The OT-5 application itself was a time-consuming process.  Each railroad had different criteria to approve/reject applications Some railroads would not […]

Recap of Midwest Association of Rail Shippers Summer Meeting

Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR) was the main topic of discussion at the Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS) summer meeting in July. The schedule allowed attendees the opportunity to hear about PSR from three distinct perspectives. Class I railroads, short line railroads, and shippers. The following is a quick recap: Norfolk Southern’s Chairman, President and […]

Genesee & Wyoming Exploring Strategic Options

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (NYSE: GWR), the global rail short line holding company that owns or maintains an interest in 120 railroads throughout six countries is investigating options to strategically sell all or portions of its worldwide operation. During GWR’s Q1-2019 earnings report on April 30th, the GWR announced that while rail volumes were down […]

Railroad Demurrage – STB Hearing on May 22-23

It’s no secret that railroad demurrage charges and private car storage charges have become a big expense for many rail shippers and receivers. We have to admit it’s not all bad — it has increased demand for RSI’s railcar tracking system and services because shippers need to more closely plan, monitor, and control their railcar […]

Union Pacific Seeking to Eliminate the Provision for Moving Tank Cars Under Mileage Allowance

In their relentless pursuit to push more of the cost of operating railcars on to shippers, the UP has requested the STB to “terminate our obligation to comply with the mileage equalization provisions of the National Tank Car Allowance Agreement adopted by the Interstate Commerce Commission in Investigation of Tank Car Allowance System (“System – […]

2018 Quarterly Demurrage by Railroad

Rising Demurrage Rates Prompts STB to Schedule Hearing

On a daily basis we speak with shippers that are looking for ways to improve their rail transportation. The most common concern that has been coming up lately is demurrage. It’s shocking how many companies are getting monthly rail demurrage bills in the high five figures or even in excess of $100k. It is just […]

Railcar Tracking Data in Recent Months

Monitoring railroad tracking performance data of delays by railroad allows you to understand what is happening in the industry and anticipate how your business may be affected. To help you do this more effectively, we put together a recap of what the railcar tracking data has been showing in recent months: Annual volume in 2018 […]

RSI Logistics Announces the Acquisition of Specialized Transportation Service

RSI Logistics, Inc. (RSI) is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Specialized Transportation Service (“STS”) with operations in Portland, Oregon. The new company will operate under the name of STS Intermodal, LLC. STS has been a leader in the Pacific Northwest in performing bulk intermodal trucking, storage, and maintenance and repair […]