Report: Weekly Cars By Industry

The graph below is total carload rail traffic originated by commodity group for North American Railroads as reported by the AAR. Carload traffic is classified into 20 major commodity categories such as coal, chemicals, grain, and primary metal products. Use the filters on the right to exclude or include specific commodities (coal for instance).

Why Is This Important?
Railroad tracking data of carload volume by commodity can help you monitor the shipping environment for your products.  Is volume increasing or decreasing?  When carload volumes drop, the rail carriers tend to price more aggressively to hopefully stimulate more activity.  Conversely, as volumes increase, the rail carriers often elevate pricing as a result of the increase in demand. These performance charts are an example of the type of reporting that is included in our railcar management software. Notice that these charts can be filtered on the fly and downloaded in various formats.

Need More Information?
RSI maintains a series of railroad statistics and information that can help you be more informed.  Based on your business, RSI can monitor specific events and trends and provide you with up-to-date railcar tracking information. If interested in learning more about RSI’s proactive monitoring and railcar tracking services, please contact us.

Interested in getting this type of insight into your own business?