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Case Studies

Learn how firms in these industries improved their rail transportation program by switching to RSI Logistics.

Case Study: Petroleum Manufacturer


Learn more about a company in the petroleum industry that struggled with managing orders, fleet maintenance, and rate information until RSI stepped in to help with a complete transformation that improved all aspects of their rail transportation.
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Case Study: Mineral Producer


Learn more about a company in the minerals industry that had grown increasingly reliant on rail which, in turn, made it difficult to manage all shipments with complete visibility of the equipment. With RSI’s accurate reporting, this company was able to provide more specific delivery schedules along with improved plant output due to complete visibility.
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Case Study: Plastics Manufacturer


Learn more about a company in the plastic manufacturing business that battled excessive charges due to cars at shops or storage facilities that were not managed properly. With RSI’s help, an implemented budget with cost allocations was set in place to manage the needs of the equipment along with strategically placed storage tracks between their manufacturing facilities to reduce demurrage charges.
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Fuel Surcharge Rates

RSI provides rate management services and fuel surcharge data is built into our software products.

Railroad Performance Reports

Reports based on data from the railroads, AAR, and the Surface Transportation Board.

Industry – Trains Delayed ›

Weekly number of trains held short of destination or interchange for longer than 6 hours.

Industry – Cars Held ›

Daily number of cars operating in normal movement which have not moved in more than 48 hours.

Weekly Cars By Railroad ›

Weekly volume of carloads carried by the major railroads in North America.

Railroad Cost Indexes

Cost data provided by The Rail Cost Adjustment Factor (RCAF) and The All Inclusive Less Fuel (All-LF).


Rail Transloading Guide

Rail Transloading Guide ›

Achieve the efficiency of rail with the flexibility of trucking.

Ultimate Guide to Railcar Tracking

The Ultimate Guide to Railcar Tracking Options ›

How a railcar tracking system will help your business and what features to look for.

Shippers Guide to Rail Freight Rates

A Shipper’s Guide to Rail Freight Rates ›

When procuring and managing rail rates it’s important to understand your options and the railroads’ viewpoint.