Free Webinar: Railroads Will Negotiate

Join us for our weekly 45 minute webinar to learn about the art and science of rail rate negotiation from industry experts.

Get serious about controlling your rail rates.

Are you frustrated with increasing rail rates and feel you have limited options? Sign up for our weekly webinar, Railroads Will Negotiate, to learn:

  • How the railroads price your commodity
  • The best way to benchmark your rates
  • What strategies are effective in negotiations
  • What information is available to provide insight

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Your Host

Linda Glauber – Director of Marketing, Rail Impact

Linda has over 20 years of rail experience working both at the railroad negotiating with shippers and at RSI Logistics, Inc. promoting the Rail Impact tool. Her expertise includes educating industry professionals about rail rate benchmarking and negotiation strategies. She has conducted numerous studies to help companies understand rail pricing, interpret market data, and make significant improvements to their bottom line.

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