STB Seeks Comments on Expediting Rate Cases

On June 15, the Surface Transportation Board (STB) issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Notice) in Docket No. EP 733, Expediting Rate Cases.

STB seal

The Board is exploring several ideas to expedite rate cases, particularly Stand Alone Cost (SAC) rate cases. Through the ANPR, the agency is seeking comment from stakeholders. Parties are specifically requested to address the topics listed in the ANPR; however, commenters are also encouraged to offer additional ideas and observations about ways to expedite the SAC process and time-saving practices available in civil litigation.

The Notice solicits comments on ideas the STB has grouped into six categories:

  • Pre-filing requirement
  • Standardized discovery requests and/or disclosures
  • Other discovery ideas
  • Standardized evidence
  • Evidentiary submissions
  • Interaction with STB staff

Comments regarding today’s ANPR are due by August 1, 2016, and replies are due by August 29, 2016.

Link to the notice on the STB website.