RSI Terminal (TMS) Release Announcements

These are Release Notes related to the most recent RSI TMS Update. Past releases are in the “Announcement Archive”.
Enhancements and Bug Fixes for RSI Terminal (TMS)
Title TMS Section(s) Description Go Live Date Release Version
Enhanced Silo Features Multiple Added a new Client Type Setting for “Terminal Silo Inventory Customer” which will enable multiple “Silo” features in the RSI Terminal App (TMS)

  • New Menu Section for “Silo Inventory” added
    • Create Silo Inventory page allows you to add new Silo with related information such as Customer, Product, U/M and Current Inventory (amount on site)
    • View Silo Inventory page gives an index view of all the Silos entered (in new page). There are also action to View and Edit existing Silos
  • “Inbound Shipment Mass Edit” page will have values in the “Silo Name” column if you have added Silos via the Create Silo Inventory page above.
    • Select the Silo to apply to the related Equipment from the Silo Name dropdown
    • When a Silo is applied to the Equipment the related Inventory Weight value shown will be removed from the Current Inventory for the related Silo (shown in Silo Inventory pages)
  • “New Outbound Shipment” page has “Loaded From” dropdown where you can specify Railcar or Silo
    • If Railcar selected the Next Dropdown (“Shipment Number”) will contain Railcar information
    • If Silo selected the Next Dropdown (“Silo Name”) will contain Silo information
  • Reporting:
    • “Inventory Report” has “Siloed” as an value shown in Status output. Can be filtered as well
    • “Transfers Done” report shows the Silo Name in the “Car #” output. Can be filtered as well
    • “View Inbound Shipments” page has “Siloed” as a value in Status output. Can be filtered as well

Please contact your RSI Customer Service Rep for more information. 

7/10/2019 7.1.5