Railcar Congestion and Delays Continue

Rail congestion and slow transit times continue to be an issue, particularly around Chicago and the northern tier going into the Northeast. The volume and dwell time information below indicate where the longest delays are.


U.S. freight carload volume in September was up 5.8% excluding coal and grain compared to the same period last year with 15 of the 20 commodity categories showing increases. The leading growth areas are petroleum, sand, and steel. Although grain slowed in September, volumes were high throughout the summer. According to the USDA’s October 16th Grain Transportation Report, YTD grain shipments to ports are 283k vs. 186k at this time last year. BNSF had a backlog of 5,695 grain shipments.


Winter is coming and in the months ahead it will be as important as ever to have visibility on your cars in transit, see where delays are occurring, and work to expedite your shipments. If you’re not already a customer, contact us to learn more about our railcar management software or fleet management services.