Rail Rate Tariff Renewals

As the last month of Quarter 3 closes in, railroad freight rates have continued to take increases.  Listed below are some rate authorities that are renewing in the next couple of months.

Tariff Updates
Rate Authority Commodity Expected Increase Effective Date
CN 4080  Soybean Meal and Products ~5% 9/1/2017
CSXT 2061 Molasses ~2% 9/1/2017
CSXT 29116 Asphalt  ~4% 9/1/2017
CSXT 24550 Liquid Waste ~4% 9/1/2017
CSXT 28994 Glycerine ~4% 10/1/2017
CSXT 28126 Magnesium Chloride ~4% 10/1/2017
BNSF 90038 Glycerine  ~3%  11/1/2017


RSI keeps a close eye on expiring tariff renewals. We assist many companies in managing their rates as well as auditing freight invoices to ensure rates are being executed correctly. We track this information by carrier, authority number, and commodity.

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