Delayed Trains and Held Cars

The chart below is the last 12+ months of performance reporting that Class I rail cariers have submitted to the Surface Transportation Board (per EP 724, United States Rail Service Issues – Data Collection, issued October 8, 2014).

  • “Train Delays” represent the weekly total number of loaded and empty trains held short of destination or scheduled interchange for longer than six consecutive hours.
  • “Total Cars Held” represent the daily average number of loaded and empty cars, operating in normal movement and billed to an origin or destination, which have not moved in more than 48 hours. This does not include cars placed at a customer facility; in constructive placement; placed for interchange to another carrier; in bad order status; in storage; or operating in railroad service.
  • U.S. only operations for Canadian carriers.
  • See our April 2015 Newsletter for additional details on this data.