Career Outlook for Logistics & Supply Chain Management

By David Riddell

Last week I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Nick Little from Michigan State University, my alma mater. Nick is the Managing Director of the Railway Management Program.

For those in logistics and supply chain management the following numbers are interesting:

  • 6:1.  That is the ratio of the global demand vs. supply for supply chain professionals.
  • $95,000.  That was the top MSU supply chain undergrad starting salary (not including the signing bonus and relocation).
  • 48,000 increasing to 175,000.  The truck driver shortage in North America per the American Trucking Association.
  • 203,000.  The current number of supply chain technician jobs in the U.S.A.
  • 30%.  The annual growth rate of supply chain  jobs requiring trained and educated people.
  • 247k to 216k.  The decline in railroad jobs over the last 12 months.

Here is an informative chart for understanding supply chain jobs, educational requirements, and pay levels in supply chain management.