USRail Impact Rail Rate & Traffic Analysis Software

Benchmark your freight rates, find savings opportunities, and negotiate with more confidence.

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USRail Impact is an online application to help your company manage its rail spend.  With a license, you get unlimited support from our team of experts.  Take advantage of our 100+ years of rail pricing experience to discuss long term rate strategy, create management reports comparing your transportation costs to competitors, and prepare for rate negotiations. USRail Impact is the enhanced version of its PC-based predecessor, USRail.desktop.

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Reduce Your Rail Freight Rates

Use USRail Impact to view routing alternatives, develop quick rate estimates, identify new opportunities, and obtain valuable information to help manage your rail spend.

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Rail Routing

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Plastics shipper reduces overall rail spend by $500,000.

Scrap Iron & Steel company saves 10 hours per week.

Lumber company sees market share growth and $3.6M in new revenue.

Chemical company creates centralized rate database for easy access & analysis.

Join the hundreds of organizations that have reduced their rail spend with insight into rail industry pricing.

We’ve been helping shippers with their rail rates for more than 30 years.