RSI Terminal (TMS) Release Announcements Archive

These are Release Notes related to past RSI TMS updates. 
Enhancements and Bug Fixes for RSI Terminal (TMS)
Title TMS Section(s) Description Go Live Date Release Version
Field Enhancements Outbound

Enhanced the Carrier and Trailer Number fields on Outbound Shipment pages to have an optional dropdown feature. The dropdown data is populated by a Look-Up table set by a Client Admin in the New/View Lookup pages (Site Admin menu section).

Dropdown options for the Carrier and Trailer Number fields will display once user starts to type in the related field. The dropdown options provided will be filtered based on the value(s) user enters in related field. User can then either select the dropdown option or continue to fill out field manually.


  • The Client Admin adds Carrier “ABCD” to the Look-Up table in the New/View Lookup pages
  • User types “A” to the Carrier field in New Outbound Shipment page
  • System will populate a dropdown for that field with any Carrier containing “A”(including “ABCD”)
  • User can then select intended Carrier (“ABCD”) from the dropdown OR can continue to fill out manually
  • Note: dropdown would populate similarly if user started with “B”, “C” or “D” for example above


1/9/2019 7.1.4
Duplicate Railcar Check Inbound Shipments

Added validation on Equipment Number field in New Inbound Shipment page to ensure that equipment is not already listed in the View Inbound Shipment page. This should prevent creating multiple shipments using the same equipment


12/19/2018 7.1.3
Verification Form Enhancements Multiple Updates to the Verification Form options for on Products

  • Removed the “Alternative Verification” option
  • Added for “Dry Load Inspection”, “Liquid Load Inspection” & “Plastics Load Inspection” options
  • No changes to “Default Verification” option

This “Verification Form” feature setting is found in the New/Edit/View Product pages

The Default Verification form has been modified:

  • Same data will be present
  • Applied the same standard header section as all other forms
  • Various form layout adjustments to enhance readability flow


12/5/2018 D1db05c
Transfer Done Report Fix Reports

Applied a fix for the “Transfers Done” report that caused inconsistencies. “Transfers Done” is found under the Reports Tab, based on your user and client access.


12/5/2018 D1db05c