RSInet Release Announcements

These are Release Notes related to the most recent RSInet Update. Past releases are in the “Announcement Archive”.
Enhancements and Bug Fixes for RSInet
Title RSInet Section(s) Description Go Live Date Release Version
All ETA Report Feature Reports

Added “All ETAs Report” that will provide the most recent ETA data we collect and/or generate for a piece of Equipment. This ETA data is provided in separate fields based on the source of the ETA. The report also provides information on ETA Source and Type (predictive).

You can search for specific Equipment(s) using the Equipment filter or just run it to see results for all equipment for that Client. Notable Report field details below.

Masked ETA:

  • The ETA applied by our system for the entire move
  • This is hard set using CLM Mask Functionality in RSInet and overrides any other ETA we may have for the Equipment
  • Usually applied when we are not getting accurate ETA from any other source
  • Drops after shipment is placed

CLM Provider ETA:

  • The ETA sent to us from the CLM provider (Carrier or Railinc)
  • This data is usually from or passed through from the Carrier – exception is Railinc Predative ETA (below)

CLM Provider:

  • Displays who provided (source of) the CLM and related ETA
  • This is directly related to “CLM Provider ETA” output (above)

Is Railinc Predictive ETA:

  • This indicates if Railinc has used their Prediction software to generate an ETA
  • This usually occurs when Railinc has not received ETA data from the Carrier
  • This is directly related to “CLM Provider ETA” and “CLM Provider” outputs (above)
  • This will always show “No” for any non-Railinc CLM Provider (only Railinc sends Predictive ETAs)
  • Accuracy is based on use of Historical transit data and is subject to the accuracy of that data

RSI Predictive ETA:

  • The ETA that we generate based on Historical Transit (similar to Railinc’s Predictive ETA)
  • This is usually applied when we don’t have any ETA data from other sources
  • But there are multiple rules allowing the Predictive ETA to override the ETA values from other sources
  • Accuracy is based on use of Historical transit data and is subject to the accuracy of that data

Calculated ETA:

  • The ETA that we generate based on Est Transit stored in the Pattern in RSInet
  • Our system adds the Est Transit Value to Ship Date of most recent shipment to get this value
  • This is not based on historical data
  • This may be inaccurate for movements without related shipment in RSInet, as it will reference the most recent shipment only

Original ETA:

  • The first ETA that we collected after the movement started
  • We collect the first ETA Date we get after the equipment is Released (W)
  • This is not based on historical data



  • This report is limited to Equipment in the specific client
  • This shows data for most recent sighting (CLM) only, similar to the Trace Report
  • This does NOT indicate what is displaying in RSInet currently, just providing details of all possible ETAs


12/14/2020 20.7
Demurrage Report Bug Fix Demurrage Fixed a bug that was providing duplicate rows of demurrage reporting.

  • Process was not properly relating the L/E status and Hazmat status of the shipment to the related Demurrage Rule settings (L/E & Hazmat, etc.)
  • This ended up producing unwanted rows in reporting that were from rules not related to the shipment details (usually without any charges and other details)
  • Users generally were manually removing duplicate rows before reporting could be manipulated.

Going forward demurrage reporting should only show charges for rules that specifically match the Shipment L/E status, Hazmat Status and any other related Demurrage Rule settings.


12/14/2020 20.7
Duplicate Shipment Check Enhancement Shipments

Added additional notation and links to the Preview BOL page ‘Duplicate Shipment Check’ Validation.

When you submit a shipment for Equipment that has already been shipped in RSInet in the last x days this “Duplicate Shipment Check” Validation will provide you notification of this conflict on the Preview BOL page.

If Equipment has been shipped within ‘x days’ value then the Preview BOL page will:

  • Mark the Equipment and Weight in Red in body of BOL
  • Add note near submit button (at bottom) that states “Note: Any equipment highlighted red has been shipped in RSInet within the last x days and has the potential to be a duplicate shipment”
  • Provides a link with Equipment Number near note (at bottom) that will provide you the Most Recent Sightings and Shipments that can be used to investigate discrepancies
  • Shipment can still be submitted – more of a Warning then Prevention

Note: “x days” is set on the New Shipment page. It defaults to 15 days, but can be adjusted before summitting.


12/14/2020 20.7
Equipment Reporting Enhancements Equipment

Added entry fields and related outputs and filters to the Equipment pages to enhance reporting. 

New Data Entry Fields (New/Edit Equipment pages):

  • Height Over Rail
  • Auxiliary BOL
  • Subleased To
  • Subleased From

Optional Outputs & Filters (View Equipment page):

  • Height Over Rail
  • Auxiliary BOL
  • Subleased To
  • Subleased From.


Please reach out to your RSI contact for more details on each field usage.


12/14/2020 20.7
ETA Enhancements Multiple

Added multiple new features and logic related to ETAs:

ETA Source on Trace Report Pages:

  • Added “ETA Source” output and filter to the Trace Report and Group Trace Report pages
  • This provides the source of the ETA value shown in the “RR ETA” field on those pages
  • This is to help provide additional clarity of ETA/CLM Source, since the RR ETA field can show ETA data from different sources depending on a multitude of rules and data
  • Sources shown are:
    • CLM Provider:
      • When ETA value is from Railinc or the Carrier
      • Railinc can be passed through from the Carrier or will provide a Predictive ETA generated by Railing when they don’t get an ETA from the Carrier
      • You can use this along with CLM Source to determine which carrier is providing the ETA
    • RSI Predictive:
      • When ETA value is from our Predictive ETA Process that uses historical transit data to generate an ETA
      • This lets you know that RSI has generated the ETA, usually because we don’t have an ETA from other sources of the ETA is in the past (based on today). There are other rules as well.
    • RSI Mask:
      • When a user has set and ETA for this specific equipment for a entire trip
      • This is done using our CLM Mask tool in RSInet – field for Mask ETA
      • This is generated by RSI based on data entered by a user for that CLM Mask
      • Not based on historical data
      • Drops the Mask ETA when shipment is placed.


“Calculated ETA” for all EDI 417 (waybill) Generated shipments:

  • We have updated our process to generate a “Calculated ETA” into related field on Trace Report pages when shipment does not have a related pattern in RSInet
  • Normally the Calculated ETA is generated based on adding the Est Transit from the pattern in RSInet to the shipment
  • But if shipment is not created from a pattern there is no Est Transit value to use in calculation
  • Going forward, we are using a process similar to Predictive ETA where we will generate an Est Transit for the shipment based on historical transit
  • This generated Est Transit will then be used in the Calculated ETA process to provide an accurate value in the “Calculated ETA” field in RSInet

RSI Predictive ETA when ETA Code blank:

  • Added logic that will use the RSI Predictive ETA value in place of the CLM Provider ETA when we do not get a ETA Code on the CLM from CLM Provider
  • The ETA Code determines what the ETA is to – either to Junction or to Destination
  • Without this code it is unknown if the ETA provided to us is to Junction or Destination
  • Under normal circumstances only ETA to Destination is wanted and shown
  • Going forward to ensure we only provide ETA to Destination we will replace any ETA that does not have an ETA code with our Predictive ETA value – which is always to destination
  • This should prevent showing ETAs that seems inaccurate and early – those usually to Junction


12/14/2020 20.7
Maintenance Enhancements Maintenance

Added a couple features to the Maintenance section of RSInet

Update Car and Equipment Status when arrival at shop:

When equipment arrives at a shop, the system will recognize this and update the Car Status on the Maintenance Log and update the Equipment Status for the related Equipment

This will be done when all criteria below are met:

  • There is an Active Maintenance Log on the equipment AND
  • The current Car Status on Maintenance Log is set to “In Route” AND
  • The most recent CLM received is a “Z” (Actual Placement)

When all that happens the system will:

  • Update the Car status on related Maintenance Log to be “At Shop”
  • Update the Equipment Status to be “Shop”
  • This is intended to save time so users to not have to apply the update to Equipment or Car Status manually


Added “Edit Maintenance Detail” action to View Maintenance Detail page:

  • This action will take you directly to the Edit Maintenance Log Detail page
  • This is the same page accessed from View Maintenance Logs -> Edit Maintenance Log action -> Edit Maintenance Log Detail action
    • Intended to save a few steps to get to this data

Added Filters and Outputs to View Maintenance Details page:

  • Outputs:
    • Fleet Path
    • Fleet
    • Lease
    • Lease Rider
  • Filters:
    • Fleet Path
    • Fleet
    • Lease
    • Lease Rider
    • Notes


12/14/2020 20.7
Service Log Note Bug Fix Service Logs

Fixed a bug that was preventing the Service Log Notes from showing in the View Service Logs page when the Service Log is Inactive.

Going forward we will show the Service Log notes on the View Service Log page when Service Log is Active or Inactive


12/14/2020 20.7
View Freight Bill Enhancement Accounting Added ‘Modifier’ Filters and Outputs to View Freight Bill page to enhance reporting:

  • Date Modified
  • Modifier (user)


12/14/2020 20.7