RSInet Release Announcements

These are Release Notes related to the most recent RSInet Update. Past releases are in the “Announcement Archive”.
Enhancements and Bug Fixes for RSInet
Title RSInet Section(s) Description Go Live Date Release Version
Equipment Displayed in Shop Detail Maintenance

Added the Equipment to the top of the “Shop Detail” pages. This change was made in order to streamline shop detail updates on popup windows and avoid system errors.


11/21/2019 19.8
“Ownership Type” Output Addition Shipments

Added a “Ownership Type” Output and Filter to View Shipments page. Users can access the output/filter to enhance your reporting options for shipments.


11/21/2019 19.8
“Potentially Late” logic Update Reports Added multiple logic improvements to improve the overall accuracy of the “Is Potentially Late” Output column:

  • If no ETA date exists, we will use “Today” as the default ETA for calculation
  • If we have no “Expected Received” date, then we will use the “Calculated ETA” as default Expected Received date for calculation
  • We ensured that when the ETA is later than the “Expected Received” then the “Is Potentially Late” flag is properly applied
    • ETA > Expected Received


11/21/2019 19.8
Auto Fill Dates Enhancement Maintenance

Added logic that will auto-populate the Maintenance Log fields based on data entered in the “Date Scheduled” field. This feature is only available when using the Maintenance Type “BRC – Running Repair”.

Date copied from Date Scheduled to other fields:

  • Date sent to shop
  • Date placed at shop
  • Date complete
  • Date released


11/21/2019 19.8
Sales Order Product Bug Fix Shipments

Fixed a small bug preventing New Products from populating when Pattern is changed on the Ship Sales Orders page. Moving forward this dialogue should populate properly.


11/21/2019 19.8
Zip “+ 4” Field Enhancement Patterns

Added an optional “+4” extension to the postal code field. This is used when creating a new shipping party or editing an existing one. Should allow for greater shipping flexibility


11/21/2019 19.8
DOT Rate Condition Enhancement Rates

Added ability to accrue separate rate values for different DOT Conditions (usually defined in the related Rate Contract set by the carrier). RSInet can now use the Equipment “DOT Tank Car Class” code and accrue only the related Rate Detail with the same DOT Code.


  • Both the Equipment and the Rates Detail used in the shipment must have DOT values applied for proper accrual matching
  • If no matching DOT value between Equipment and Rates found then the highest valued Active Rate Detail will be applied
  • The DOT Code on the rates only uses a truncated DOT code to allow for a single Rate Detail to match to Multiple Equipment “DOT Tank Car Class” codes
    • i.e. Rate has code of DOT 103A and would be applied to any equipment shipped that contains the DOT Codes of “DOT 103A” – like DOT 103AALW, DOT 103ANW and DOT 103AALW
  • This accrual ability is in addition to the existing rate accrual features and using the DOT settings are not required
  • Please contact your Logistics Rep for more details.


11/21/2019 19.8
CLM Mask Functionality Restored Trace Report

The CLM Masking functionality returns with better performance. Also addressed a few minor bugs related to the End Dates not getting set properly. Use of tool has not changed. If you need more info please see the write up in the Announcement Archive in Release 18.2 or contact your Logistics Rep.


11/21/2019 19.8