Rail Management Insight and Resources

Strategy Guides to Optimize Your Railcar Tracking, Reporting, and Rates

Tracking and optimizing railcar movements and rates can quickly become complex. With over 40 years of experience optimizing railcar tracking, reports, rates, and fees, our experts have learned the best ways to reduce costs and organize information. These strategy guides provide our tried-and-true tips to help you optimize your railcar fleet. If you’re interested in automating these processes and organizing information with a customized set of reports, full shipping visibility, and cost analysis, our Rail Command® platform can help. Take a tour of Rail Command today to see how these strategies can be automated, saving your hours of time and thousands of dollars.

Getting Started with Railcar Tracking and Tracing: Checklist

Walk through manual and automated railcar tracking solutions to better understand railcar data, and monitor railcars accordingly. These critical steps will help you track your railcars across each route and organize information more efficiently.

The Ultimate Guide to Controlling Demurrage Fees

Demurrage can be a heavy expense, but it’s also avoidable. This guide gives you helpful tips and essential steps to assess and prevent demurrage fees. See how you can optimize your railcar movements to avoid demurrage fees, and organize information to ensure you’re not paying demurrage fees caused by delays outside your control.

The Complete Freight Strategy Ebook

An efficient, streamlined rail logistics system can save you thousands in expenses, hours of time, and build a better business. This ebook gives logistics professionals a complete freight strategy framework, from optimal routes to negotiating rail rates to preventing fees, and much more.

Take a Tour of Rail Command®

Rail Command brings all of these strategies to one intuitive software platform. Take a tour of Rail Command today with one of our logistics experts, and see how you can speed up logistics management and bring costs down.