Our Short Line Directory was developed to provide a detailed index that contains comprehensive information for Short Line Railroads. This includes railroads classified as Switching, Class III, and Class II.

Chart Viewing Tips

RSI’s Short Line Directory tools allow you to change charts and filter information in several ways. The Home tab gives you a comprehensive look at the short line railroads in the United States, and allows you to filter based on location, class, name, and storage capabilities. The Details tab gives you a breakdown of the railroad’s information. The Sales, Storage, and Industrial Development tabs give you contact information for those areas. The Stations Map gives you a map of the United States with the stations of the railroads charted out.

Use these shortcuts to filter your information faster:

  • Click on a name in the chart legend to highlight that data range.
  • On a chart, mouse-over any data point in order to view additional detail.
  • Click on a data range to select that range and view additional options (Keep Only, Exclude, View and download underlying data).
  • Click to select any data point.
  • Click and drag to select multiple points.
  • Ctrl + shift + click to zoom in.
  • Shift + click and hold to pan the chart.