STB Decision – Railroads to Report Service Metrics

The Surface Transportation Board has officially adopted a rule involving new regulations that require all Class I Railroads and the Chicago Transportation Coordination Office to report certain service performance metrics on a weekly, semiannually, and occasional basis.

According the STB, the major reason behind this rule was to respond to the many service issues that developed in the railroad industry starting late 2013.   Those service issues were affecting the transportation of many commodities including grain, ethanol, and coal. Parties had voiced concerns about the lack of public information related to those issues.  And as such, a request was made for access to all railroad performance metrics to help establish reasoning behind the current service problems, as well as the magnitude of the issues.

The Board issued an order on October 8, 2014 that required all Class I Railroads and the members of the CTCO to file weekly reports on performance data such as weekly average terminal dwell and weekly average train speeds.  However, there were often inconsistency with data categories as the record keeping differed from railroad to railroad.  Since then, the Board has worked to establish a more defined, complete list of the metrics that are to be reported. This mandatory data received by the STB is expected to help agencies monitor current service conditions and identify trends that may indicate potential problems.  This new rule is effective starting January 29, 2017 with the initial reporting date scheduled for February 8th.

Check out the Railroad Performance Reports page for the latest STB service metrics.



View the entire STB Decision here.