Case Study: Petroleum Manufacturer


Learn more about a company in the petroleum industry that struggled with managing orders, fleet maintenance, and rate information until RSI stepped in to help with a complete transformation that improved all aspects of their rail transportation.
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Case Study: Agricultural Supplier


Learn more about a company in the agricultural business who experienced significantly higher freight costs compared to their competitors. There was a big need for improvement in the entire rail rate process especially negotiating final rates with the railroads. RSI stepped in to eliminate all unnecessary railroad financial charges, as well as a revised rate request strategy which converted 80% of their tariff rates into negotiated contracts.
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Case study: Chemical Manufacturer


Learn more about a company in the chemical manufacturing business that needed a little extra help in the transportation department to create more time to focus on strategic activities. More detailed reporting was needed so that this company could support their idea of Six Sigma continuous improvement throughout. RSI was able to create reports that helped to improve rail operating performances like on-time deliveries to customers and an increase in rail utilization. First year reductions with RSI’s help reached $1.2 million.
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