Case Study: Mineral Producer

Pick Shovel Black Minerals

Learn more about a company in the minerals industry that had grown increasingly reliant on rail which, in turn, made it difficult to manage all shipments with complete visibility of the equipment. With RSI’s accurate reporting, this company was able to provide more specific delivery schedules along with improved plant output due to complete visibility.
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Case Study: Plastics Manufacturer


Learn more about a company in the plastic manufacturing business that battled excessive charges due to cars at shops or storage facilities that were not managed properly. With RSI’s help, an implemented budget with cost allocations was set in place to manage the needs of the equipment along with strategically placed storage tracks between their manufacturing facilities to reduce demurrage charges.
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Case Study: Agricultural Supplier


Learn more about a company in the agricultural business who experienced significantly higher freight costs compared to their competitors. There was a big need for improvement in the entire rail rate process especially negotiating final rates with the railroads. RSI stepped in to eliminate all unnecessary railroad financial charges, as well as a revised rate request strategy which converted 80% of their tariff rates into negotiated contracts.
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Case Study: Steel Producer

steel Steel

Learn more about a company in the steel industry that had excessive amounts of financial penalties due to the difficulty they had with processing payments within the railroads’ required 15-day terms. RSI started by ensuring that all rail invoices had correct rate authorities attached to dismiss any incorrect financial charges. Within the first year of RSI’s help, this company saved $2.3 million in freight charges.
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Case study: Chemical Manufacturer


Learn more about a company in the chemical manufacturing business that needed a little extra help in the transportation department to create more time to focus on strategic activities. More detailed reporting was needed so that this company could support their idea of Six Sigma continuous improvement throughout. RSI was able to create reports that helped to improve rail operating performances like on-time deliveries to customers and an increase in rail utilization. First year reductions with RSI’s help reached $1.2 million.
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