What is Rail Shipping Demurrage and How to Dispute It

Railroad demurrage is a charge that compensates the rail carriers when railcars are held in the carriers serving yard waiting to be ordered in for placement. This a charge that rail shippers try to avoid, as it’s a fee that compounds on top of the loss of revenue by a railcar just sitting and not

Meet the Author: Erica DePond
Erica DePond began her career at RSI Logistics in 1994. Having over 20 years’ experience in the rail industry combined with ground up, hands on growth at RSI has catapulted her into her role today as Client Logistics Manager. Erica’s expertise provides innovative rail-centric services and solutions that bring high level performing results to the organizations that RSI serves. Her many years in the industry have positioned her for leadership and mentoring with the staff at RSI Logistics.