tracking the timeline of your railcar shipments

6 Factors that Affect the Effort Required to Proactively Manage Your Railcar Shipments

When tracking your railcars, there are several drivers that determine how complex your rail shipping is and how much time is needed to properly monitor your fleet and follow up on problem cars. Factors affecting the complexity of your railcar shipments 1. Railcar billing accuracy and timeliness Complete and accurate bill of lading submissions are […]

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STB Decision – Railroads to Report Service Metrics

The Surface Transportation Board has officially adopted a rule involving new regulations that require all Class I Railroads and the Chicago Transportation Coordination Office to report certain service performance metrics on a weekly, semiannually, and occasional basis. According the STB, the major reason behind this rule was to respond to the many service issues that […]


CN Revises Optional Services Tariffs

CN is implementing changes to their Optional Services tariffs, which will take effect on February 1st, 2017. Carbon Taxes: Effective April 1st, 2017 a carbon tax will also be applied for shipments travelling to, from or within Alberta. (A carbon tax fee was imposed by British Columbia in 2008.) This tax will be calculated as […]