Man Holding tablet with Arrows and text "Tariff" "Change"

Rail Freight Tariff Announcements

RSI monitors rail rates across a number of industries as we assist companies in managing their rail rates and auditing freight invoices. We track this information by carrier, rate authority, commodity, and transportation lane. A sampling of recent changes that we have noted are summarized below.        

rail cost adjustment chart

Railroad Cost Indexes

(Note:  Updated cost index data can be viewed on this page.) Data from two rail industry cost indexes is presented below: the Rail Cost Adjustment Factor (RCAF) and the All Inclusive Less Fuel (All-LF). The RCAF measures the rate of inflation in railroad inputs such as labor and fuel and is calculated by the Association […]

Delayed Trains and Held Cars

The chart below is the last 12+ months of performance reporting that Class I rail cariers have submitted to the Surface Transportation Board (per EP 724, United States Rail Service Issues – Data Collection, issued October 8, 2014). “Train Delays” represent the weekly total number of loaded and empty trains held short of destination or […]